Friday, October 13, 2006


Sure, there are some things that are a drag about living alone but some things are great. Like when you wake up and all you feel like eating is ice cream? Who's gonna stop you?

Mmmmmmm, Vanilla Chocolate Chip.

With chocolate syrup.


  1. I totally agree. Ive woken up before and had an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. Im weird like that. O- and another cool thing about living alone is being able to walk around in your undies w/out having to worry about whose gonna see you.
    plus- never having to wait for the bathroom- plus no one eating your food.
    hey- come to think of it- theres LOTS to like about lving alone. :)

  2. The ONLY thing I would like about living alone would be the fact that the house would be exactly the way I left it. It's often an unpleasant surprise to come home to other people's, um, disorder, shall we say?

    Still, that's not enough for me to ever wish to live alone again. I'll take the disorder - and a lot worse - to have my family making my house a home.