Sunday, November 12, 2006

All Points Bulletin

I call her Crazy S but I promise it's only in a good way. She's the kind of crazy that makes you miss her when she's gone. Did I tell you about her debut at our monthly brunch?

We've got about 10 people sitting at a long table and CS is at the foot of the table and she starts to tell a story. Now, know that we're a group of pleasant, intelligent, well-educated, decently well-traveled people but also not people with a ton of money. And CS starts her story by saying, "Yeah, I'm headed to Norway for 6 weeks." And she surveys the table and asks, "You've been?" Not 'Have you been?', not 'Has anyone been?' But an assumption that we, like everyone, have been to Norway. Everyone was so shocked that no one answered for a while. The other thing, though, is that it made everyone at the table love her. I don't know how it made anyone else feel but it made me feel that she thought I was better than I am. Which she always does.

So, she's sent out a, I don't want to call it a plea, more like an All Points Bulletin. I'd love for her to find what she's looking for. Hell I'd love for me to find what she's looking for, but she was brave enough to ask so she gets first dibs.

"I have decided that there is to be an all out manhunt on my behalf. Please notify any handsome, euro-trash, with tons of money and an airplane, no mental or emotional disorders, and a good sense of humor, that they are to report to me at once.

Thank you.

This announcement will be repeated daily until he shows up.

She's even moving back to the US as of today to make it a little easier. Leave all possibilities in the comments, please.

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