Thursday, November 23, 2006

But I'm not a paleontologist

You remember that episode of Friends where Ross wants to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment and he sends the mini-muffin basket and then later he finds out that UNG has been getting all sorts of gifts, from baskets of regular sized muffins on up to an exercise bike?

Lived it today.

Thank god it wasn't over an apartment. (I can't remember how Ross ended up scoring the apartment, can anyone enlighten me?)

There's a little security pavilion in the middle of the courtyard for my section of the apartment complex. Frankly I should be honest and call it a pavilion of little security but it's Thanksgiving so it's better to be nice I suppose. The guy I bought my apartment from told me that he used to bring the guys a covered plate of Thanksgiving dinner the year he lived here. That sounded like a good idea but then I always managed to talk myself out of it. I thought they wouldn't like what I made or they'd be suspicious about food from a stranger or they'd already have had way too much food from other tenants.

This is my 4th Thanksgiving here, I think. This year I made something portable! Voila! I decided to bring the guys some pumpkin chocolate chip bars. My favorite guy was in the booth when I passed by on my way to get the dog which made it even easier to be brave and nice. I packed a few bars in a ziploc bag and sauntered out with my dog and my offering. It was not until I was fully committed, handing over my pathetic little sandwich bag of raggedly cut cookie bars that I noticed it. A beautiful plate of treats wrapped in seasonal cellophane and tied with a big ribbon in pride of place on the shelf above the security desk.

Mini-muffins won't get you anywhere, my friend, presentation is everything.

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  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Yes, but taste DOES matter in food. AND, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bars is a mouth watering name, so if they taste as good as they sound, screw how the presentation looks! :-)