Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am the dreaded cat blogger

I can't help it! I'm actually getting misty looking at these pics of MKAEP's new kits and remembering when my kittens were, well, kittens instead of the demanding feline divas into which they have evolved.

Here's one of mine when they were babies.


  1. Despite my determination not to become a cat blogger myself, I really like reading about other peoples' cats on occasion. Pictures every single day can be tiring (a certain famous knitter never gives a post without adding pictures of her cat) but they're such gorgeous creatures. Yours are especially beautiful -- lovely eyes.

  2. I am not a cat person, mostly becasue I am dreadfully allergic to them. However, they are remarkably beautiful creatures, yours in particular. I just wish cats wouldn't unneringly zero in on the ONE person in the room that will sneeze, wheeze or hive out as a result of its attention!

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Beautiful! If I had those eyes I would be a diva too.

  4. I feel bad you doing all the bragging on my cats. For the record, I'm an anti cat person as well. highly allergic. Taking the Claritin by the wee fistfull, but having fun with all of them. E, your babes are delightful. so cute.