Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's nature AND nurture!

If you can't guess just by looking at them these ladies are sisters.

Miss Rebecca dressed as the story of the Wizard of Oz a few years ago. The story? (you ask) Yes, the story. See the rainbow tiara on top? She's also wearing rainbow eyeshadow. A beautiful grey cyclone around her neck. The hot as a griddle house corset. A witchy skirt and the requisite striped stockings and ruby slippers peeking out below the house. Brilliant, no?

Fast forward to this year. After a small amount of consultation with her older sister, K executed this delightful rendition of Fay Wray.

Would that I were this smart, this creative and this motivated.


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    For the record, it wasn't so much consultation as it was curiosity and inquiry on my part.

  2. I LOVE creative costumes! My baby went as a Lindt truffle this year - with a LOT of help from Daddy-the-mechanical-designer - and was the most creative costume in her school's parade.

    The little neighbor girl across the street used to come up - with her dad - with the most elaborate and expansive costumes I'd ever seen. One year, she was a vampire IN a coffin; the next, she was a little girl being kidnapped by a HUGE alien (she was the girl's head, arms and torso and the alien's legs - she and her dad built an enormous, elongated green head that they mounted on her shoulders and big, stuffed arms they wrapped around her. It was brilliant.