Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Kindred

Jennifer over at Jippy Jabber stopped by yesterday and then she kicked it up a notch, she commented. She even said it was due to this nuttiness called NaBloPoMo. She is a fine, fine example to us all. So go check out her blog and give her a little payback, please, she's got a fine plan for how to enjoy one's Halloween candy to the fullest.

ProfDoc is a cautionary tale. She did what I did and procrastinated her first participation and then forgot to comment on something yesterday. But you know what? It's only one day and she's already commented today and I bet she'll comment on something else today as a sort of catch up measure and then she'll be back on track. So you should use her as an example if you haven't gotten into the swing yet. Just jump right in where you are and enjoy the month!

That's actually why I'm liking the concept of NaBloPoMo better than the NaNoWriMo one. With the latter you have to come up with 50,000 words by month's end but they don't care when you do it. So a lot of people end up hibernating and pulling all nighters for the last week of November. With Fussy's way we just have to do something every day. It's a habit not a goal and habits are better long term I think.

So get into the habit. Delurk, people, here, there and everywhere.


  1. Oh, GOOD! So I'm not the only nutjob who promised to write every day on her own blog(s) AND comment on others', too?

    I've decided to do this: since I'm an addict on a few (choice) blogs and want to broaden my proverbial horizons, I'm going to Fussy's list of NaBloPoMo participants and choosing one from each letter of the alphabet each day to read and comment. Yesterday, I went to The Anonymous Truth - this morning I visited But Wait...There's More. On day 27, I'll go back to the A column and choose someone different. Unless, of course, I find someone else's blog in the trip through all the letters that I feel compelled to add to my list of daily stalking....

    So many blogs - so little time!

  2. Thank you so much! How cool of you. I will figure out how to do an actual link to you on my site. I am actually new to blogging and the timing worked out right with the NaBloPoMo thing.