Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Look at all the ways to do it!

Check out all the voting stories over at the Whatever. I'm having a lot of fun seeing how everyone votes, both who they're voting for and how physically they vote by absentee or lever or paper ballot of show of hands.

Not reported on the Whatever but reported in my e-mail in box is the fact that Chili got both a sticker AND a lollipop. A Tootsie Pop to be precise. I am positively green with envy.


  1. I have to say, surprisingly enough, the Dems have made a decent showing in this blood red state of mine. HOORAY GOV HENRY!! Halakaleem for voting and I got a sticker. . . alas, no tootsie pop

  2. I got a pencil. A small one, like you use for mini-golf. It had a write-in candidate's name. Cute gimmick. He got second place with it.

    An email is coming, Kizz. I'm sorry it's taking so long!