Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pretty as a broken picture frame

Chili is not usually a tabloid reader or a gossip monger but she makes an exception for keeping tabs on celebrity couples. She says that watching the lasting Hollywood couples make it despite the odds and the paparazzi and the months long business trips gives her a sense of security. As a result, when one of the good ones bites the dust it hits her hard.

So rather than send her an e-mail about the Witherspoon-Philippe split I'm just posting about it and letting her find it on her own. You know, so she can have her mini-breakdown on her own time and then get back to me, not at all because it's NaBloPoMo and I'm willing to cut my own grandmother for content. Oh no, not the latter at all.

Thanks to Anna for the link!


  1. Anonymous2:48 AM

    I admit I felt a little sad when I read that news. On the other hand I saw a blurb on Phillipe regarding his new movie and how he had been "trying to do work that mattered" and I thought, "Hmmm....what do you think of what your wife does?"

  2. Should I be disappointed that they'e over or pleased that Ryan's available??

  3. Yeah, I know. Another one bites the dust. If Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman ever split, I'm going into hiding.

    I was never really invested in this union, though, mostly because (putting myself out on a limb here) I've no real inkling who Ryan Phillipe is. Still, they were married for seven years and have two children - and they put yet ANOTHER tick in the wrong column for me.