Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ridiculous animals

This first picture is my Elvis. He's smarter than his sister, Anna, but somehow that makes him much odder. This picture is from our recent visit to the vet. First he tangled himself in the vet's computer wires and eventually hid behind the computer tower. We extracted him for examination then while we waited for the vet he found solace in the sink. So I took a picture, because I am heartless.

For more silly pets check out the PUPkin entries that Kath put up recently. Being the founder of the feast and all she was right in the ring and had a much better vantage point for pictures so there's only one tiny piece of overlap with the pictures I shared with you.

Second picture is the week two growth chart for MKAEP's kittens. I am not so heartless that I am unmoved by how ungodly cute these babies are. Look at their little folded ears and their squinty eyes and their fuzzy furry bodies. Delicious!

P.S. Can anyone tell me why this code,, sometimes spontaneously inserts itself into an entry when I am pasting a link in somewhere else? It's never at the point of the link and it's not all the time but I can't discern a pattern and, in a long entry, sometimes I miss it until I publish and it's freaking annoying!


  1. Much furry cuteness. I used to have a cat who stuffed his face in my armpit whenever I brought him to the vet. His reasoning was that if he can't see the vet, the vet can't see him. I miss that kitty.

    I don't know about the code, but you're not the only one it happens to. It ONLY happens when I'm uploading photos or doing something else within the text (bolding or italicizing or something) - it never happens when I'm just posting plain text. Oh, and with me? It most often shows up in my title. Go figure

  2. Emily actually does the armpit thing, pretty much at the first sign of trouble wherever we are.

    Interesting about the code because it doesn't happen so far when I bold or italicize, I'll have to keep an eye on whether it's only when there's a picture present in the entry. It does happen in my title but usually it's hiding in the body of the entry. Drives me NUTS!