Sunday, December 31, 2006

I think I'll call her Tillie

My mom's family used to name inanimate objects. All the cars had names and endearments. The van = Big Red, the Fiat = Little Red and stuff like that. They stopped doing it. Given their continued level of crazy I'm guessing it wasn't because they felt it made them look silly so I don't know why they left off.

I also don't know why I decided to name my iPod Tillie. But I did. Sort of like how I named my dog I guess, it just came to me.

She's all loaded up and ready to go to the new year a whole new woman, er, piece, er, Pod. I'm going to go walk the pooch and then take a shower, with the new Pod blaring on the newish speakers.

"It's after 7pm, why are you bothering to shower now?"

Two reasons. 1. I'm going out super briefly for the midnight thing but still it's with other humans and I don't want to offend them. 2. I have this weird thing about liking to go into the new year clean and groomed.

So take advantage of the comment feature in this old school version of Blogger and tell us all what weird rituals you like to observe heading into a new year.

Happy New Year!


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    For the last couple of years it was bowling. This year, it was reading a book. Both ways I got beer, so I guess beer is the ritual.

    Have a great 2007, Kizz. I've really enjoyed our bloggic interatction over the last year.

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    For reasons I've yet to figure out, our New Year's celebrating for the past, oh, five or six years has involved roast beef. Usually, this roast is roasted in my oven, but this year it was cooked at Bowyer's place. New Year's festivities are generally quiet affairs for we Chilis, spent with the Bowyer clan and, in years past, a few select family.

    Funny that I have a glorious and finished kitchen, yet this was a year we went to his place. Hmmm...

    I name some inanimate things, too. My car is called Puck - my former car, now Husbands, was named Fraulein. My Pod doesn't have a name, though. Congrats on the addition of Tillie to your household!!


  3. I posted in my own blog some of the traditions we observe at Wayfarer House. A lot of ours have come about as part of the unique sort of anniversary celebration we have. We just finished the full 24-hour event and it was really great!

    Here's to a New Year full of possibilities and success in all your endeavors, Kizz!