Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not so simple

It's just not a simple time of the year. I've composed a dozen entries in my head but can't get them out. Too many emotions, too many words and apparently too many glasses of wine.

On the sad side, in the wake of B's passing, it seems Miss Doxie lost one of her dogs this weekend. And I don't mean lost like the way she lost 7 dogs in a fencing mishap, I mean lost as in died unexpectedly from pneumonia.

Before I found that out I went out to see D. Jay's Christmas show. Hence the wine. Carmencita and Alita joined me. Alita is a seasoned audience member, sitting through all kinds of music and theatre and cinema since she was a tot. This evening she was quiet, sure she waved at Mrs. Claus (Dorothy to those in the know), but mostly she sat on my lap or leaned in the crook of my arm and stared. She'd already had an eventful day so I wondered if she was simply cashed and zoning out. I should know better. We have a number of things in common and sitting quietly sussing things out is one of our favorite pastimes. Once the event was over we asked what she'd enjoyed and she almost knocked out a tooth she talked so long and so fast. (She really does have her first loose tooth and I'm flabbergasted. While she's the right age for it I still can't believe the milestone is here already.)

Jay has, per usual, done a glorious job. The new venue is lovely, he's mixed together new tunes with old favorites and he's even added a new twist. Santa always calls during the show (he and Jay are tight) but this year we had a video conference call from Mrs. Claus, too. She's a glamorous old broad and very sweet. Jay told some delightfully personal stories and made us laugh and laugh and laugh. It's one of my favorite things in the season and it's his last one. If you're in the area I cannot recommend it enough. Not many people do this sort of show anymore and even fewer people do it well. Jay does it better than anyone I know. I honestly did laugh and cry and it was damn sure better than Cats (nothing against Cats, I like it, it just isn't as good as Jay's Christmas shows also Cats doesn't have Rue McClanahan guest starring and Jay does).

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