Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I fear my stats are going to plummet when Yankee Swap season ends. At least 75% of the searches that lead people here are for swap-related info. "Best Yankee Swap Gift" "Best $10 Yankee Swap Gift" "Yankee Swap Rules" "Yankee and White Elephant walk into a bar"

At least the rules people I'm helping. I may make fun of the practice but I'm clear on the rules.

The "Best Gift" people make me sad, though. They come in looking for a little inspiration so they can be the perfect Swapper and all they find is me telling them how scary this thing is going to be.

Be strong Swappers! You'll have fun. Just have a drink or two before the swapping begins. And don't be afraid to swap for your own gift if that's the only one worth having. All's fair in love and swap!

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