Monday, December 04, 2006

Some stuff about me

Chili and I were talking today (OK, IMing) about those "100 Things About Me" posts and pages people write. About how it'd be easier to write them for other people and about how her own personal list was going. It turned out to be a really juicy conversation! As a result I've been thinking about my own 100 Things. I don't have time for that tonight but I'll give you a few bites of food for thought.

1. I'm 37
2. I was born in the Live Free or Die state
3. I've broken my nose 3 or 4 times
4. The only other bone I've broken is my collar bone
5. I broke my collar bone watching Mr. Rogers
6. I'm addicted to TV, even the shitty stuff (but you knew that)
7. I have a dog, Emily
8. She's the first dog I've owned, no matter what my mother says
9. My middle name is Hungerford
10. 99.999% of all conversations I've had revealing #9 have gone like this: "What's your middle name?" "Hungerford." "What?"
11. Roses are my favorite flower
12. #11 makes me feel common
13. I have 2 cats, Anna & Elvis
14. They were born under my bed
15. When asked my birthday I used to say, "January Ninth Wednesday."
16. I went to drama school in London
17. I lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne when I was 7
18. My beloved childhood cat was named Blackie
19. The apartment I (and Wells Fargo) own is the first home I've owned
20. I have committed adultery
21. I don't share blood with the cousins I like
22. My favorite movie is Secretary, or maybe Fight Club, possibly Home for the Holidays, no wait, the Sure Thing...
23. Sometimes I eat ice cream for breakfast
24. I like kids
25. I don't want to have any of my own
26. I could adopt, though, you know, theoretically
27. I have a BFA
28. I wish I were a photographer sometimes
29. I am chronically dehydrated
30. When I was a kid I had chronic nosebleeds to the point of waking up with blood all over my face
31. Recently they started again (part of the dehydration thing)
32. When I was a kid I thought that the whole world was an elaborate play/film set and that when my parents drove us somewhere, like to my grandparents, it was basically driving around in circles to give everyone time to change costumes and switch the sets.
33. One summer at my grandparents cottage I tried to tell my mom I was really scared that #32 was true but I couldn't do it
34. Now I realize the part of my brain that bought into that fantasy was inherited from my mother
35. I wrote a possibly perfect character sketch in High School and I gave it away and I miss it terribly. What was wrong with me? I'd never heard of a damn copy machine?

OK, that's all my brain can take. I can never even get through someone else's 100 Things all in one sitting, why should I be able to get through my own.


  1. 35 things in one sitting is nothing to snuffle at. I mean, you're already more than halfway to where my list is right now, and I've been working on it since, damn, probably early spring? It may be that I'm just not interesting enough to think up 100 things about myself...

  2. Holy crap! That's cool. I have never seen those before. Or learned some of those things about you.

    Chili, want me to do a 100 Things About Chili for you?

  3. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I love 32! I still think life works like that.

    My mother used to go to her maternal grandmother’s cottage in New England in the summer. That maternal grandmother’s family name is the same as yours, by the way. On the off chance we’re cousins, I learn in #21 that you don’t like me.

    Of course, your name is all over the phone book in the Live Free or Die area code~,:^)

  4. Which things did you not know jrh?

    Rick, sometimes it just freaks me out that certain people look so much like other people. I mean, it HAS to be a costume change, right? I don't hold the level of belief I used, to though, in the interest of sanity.

    Also, I don't know you so I might like you, you might be the exception that proves the rule. The story of the blood cousins and the reasons for the dislike are frighteningly numerous and a whole post in and of themselves.