Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bits, bobs, pieces, parts, blah, blah, blah and, of course, fishcakes

Not much of note to say but a lot of little things.

1. Mr. Sorkin WHY THE SNAKES? I've been freaking defending your ass and providing constructive criticism and generally calling you a sexy beast for years now and this is how you repay me. Thanks. No, really, thanks so much. Please send @mbien.

2. So, this is happening. It would never have occurred to me that this was an issue. This year my NYC birthday celebration was in a bar. Attendees included but were not limited to 2 mothers, 1 pregnant woman, 1 father to be, and a 5 year old. Had there not been a Patriots game on (*crosses self, kisses thumb*) we probaby would also have had a 10 month old and his father in attendance. I understand that it's unusual that we had a 5 year old there but I would have assumed that we'd get the hairy eyeball for being disruptive rather than for drinking in the presence of an impressionable young person. (Full disclosure I received comments on the 5 year old's impeccable behavior. No one commented on my or Alex's behavior while we played with her, I suspect we weren't such good kids.)

3. I'd like to take Tai Chi, again it's a question of finding a place I like that has a good schedule for me and I haven't a clue where to start with that.

4. Thank you for the kind offers of yoga instruction. You are forcing me to admit yet another way in which I am nutso crazy. I don't like to exercise in front of other people. If I have to do so it is far preferable to exercise in front of strangers than friends. To be taught something I'm so inexperienced in by someone I know would be wildly humiliating in my very core. Again, I do thank you so very kindly for the offers and I will consider them carefully...you know, if I have a pretty sharp movement toward sanity.

5. The whole yoga comments section has me thinking about doing 1 post a week that's direct response to comments. There's so much going on in there and I don't get around to responding enough.

6. I read an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal today (hee, I sound so smart and up to date, not to worry, it was given to me by my boss) that compares and contrasts the "solutions" to the Iraq "problem". Have you checked these proposals out? Because, really, there are no good answers, however, the only one with a snowball's chance of success might be this asinine escalation. And, worse than that, escalation might even be the only honorable way out. I suspected this months and months ago but I hate to hear it.

7. Reading Lolita in Tehran is profoundly disturbing while still not being a very compelling read.

8. Go check out what Kath said about Jack. She includes a classic Halloween photo of Jack and Emily together and her last line is what brought this loss home to me. They should live forever, they deserve it so much more than the rest of us.

9. Class reunions - pro or con? Be sure to tell me why. Because it's important to me, that's why.

10. If I had one more thing I could participate in 10 Things Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday All. Wish me luck. Nope, I'm not sure on what just looking for some luck. Damn, I'm greedy.


  1. ok, well since I was here in calli I didn't see Monday's Sork. Have no idea but am hating what you're suggesting. ugh. Amazed about the drinkingmothers bit, want more time to go read her blog. all my friends who are mothers say if they didn't have a drink with a grownup they'd be even worse at parenting than they think they already are. Tai Chi sounds cool. Go for it. and you know how much I love bla bla bla fishcakes. Laughed out loud. xoxo

  2. Class reunions. Good. Or at least my 10th and only was. You only have to hang with the people you like, but the others provide conversation starters. For years to come. One particular young lady fawned all over my bf's fiance, telling him how lucky he was to be marrying her. Problem: I am not sure she ever spoke to my bf in high school.

  3. On #3, the t'ai chi class, if you'll give me a couple of days, I may have a place for you to try. I have to look up the info and check to see who's still teaching there. The info is on a CD in my office, I think.

    On #4, I don't like to exercise in front of people, either. I invested in a weight bench and other equipment for my office at home just so I wouldn't have to go to the gym to work out. That said, I have never viewed t'ai chi or kung fu to be "exercise". In my mind, they're "training", like running, cycling, etc. I actually prefer to train with people because it keeps my mind occupied (I don't dwell on just how much it hurts sometimes). That's just me, though.

    On #9, class reunions, it depends. On high school class reunions I am ambivalent. I had very few friends in high school that I considered close and there is little in the experience that I can honestly claim I reminisce about fondly. College reunions, however, are a different story. I am still very close to several of my professors as well as many classmates, and I make frequent trips up there to see people. I allowed myself to be coerced into the position of president of the alumni association for a year because I wanted to help revitalize the group (I let it go to focus on graduate school), and I have gone to every reunion the college has had since Wifeness and I moved back to New England.

    On #10, I've been thinking how cool Ten Things Tuesday is (I've learned a lot of juicy stuff about Chili that way)! I'd love to see more of those from other people. I'll do it if you will!

  4. You should check out Tai Chi -- I love it, and though I've fallen off the wagon, I would really like to find time in my schedule to fit it in. It's a really lovely thing to experience (with the right instructor). Right now my exercise routine consists of twice weekly trips to the local YMCA. Every once in a while I get to go on a weekday morning, and I LOVE to go after all the senior ladies do their pool routines. They walk around the locker room and don't really care who sees their wrinkles and cellulite. It's inspiring...

    Class reunions -- never been to one, but I am actually looking forward to going to one this summer (hint hint -- I'll go if you will and I promise, I'll watch your back!). Seriously though, I may be completely delusional, but I think it will be a good thing. I am also shallow enough to use it as added incentive to lose the 30lbs I'm working on.