Thursday, January 04, 2007

Garnis (that's Fronch)

So this morning I find myself simultaneously making lunch for me to bring to work (per the 107 in Double! OH! Seven!) and feeding the pets. They are, as per usual, getting the solid gold premium pet food for their delicate domesticated systems. For myself I'm whipping up Lipton Side Dish Noodles (Parmesan!) with vienna sausages (for protein!) and peas (for veggies...sort of). I cut up the VS into little slices while the microwave was whirring through its first 7 minutes (I have the noodles down to a science. Mix ingredients. 7 minutes on high. Add VS. 5 minutes on high. Add peas. Stir. Eat. Burn tongue.) and still had time left so I got out all the platinum cans of pet food with the accompanying bags of silver studded kibble and started to feed the creatures before the nibbling on my toes became more insistent and/or debilitating. A quarter can of cat food in each cat's bowl and bing! I added a slice of Vienna sausage to each as a topper.

I garnished the cat food.

In a world where 99 times out of 100 I eat my food out of the container it was cooked in, and on the 100th time I eat it out of the container it was delivered in, I added a dash of style to the presentation of food to my cats.

The Crazy Cat Lady Society is having a banquet and I am Woman of the Year.


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Meow. Crazy cat ladies are the best.

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    My husband will tell you that I'm a crazy cat lady. Every morning, without fail, my beasties get a saucer of milk while I make my daily Ovaltine.

    What can we say? We love our kitties!

  3. I once made a batch of homemade cat food from a recipe. That is the level of cat craziness at our house.

  4. I have SIX right now, who, if they had opposable thumbs...I'd be sooo screwed. And, I don't so much care that you're garnishing the kittie's food, Mrs.Chili is right, we LOVE them. I'm freaking concerned with the vienna sausages!!! I'll send a carepackage with the potted meat! hee hee. xoxo