Monday, January 29, 2007

Long Live the King

Jack was a dear friend of Emily's from our early days in the neighborhood. He was the lawnmower man, with a hilarious sort of panting that could be heard all the time. He was always smiling even the last time I saw him, just a day before he died. He is already sorely missed.


  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Love you, Jack. What a wonderful tribute.

  2. there is an place is the soul of man, that can comprehend and decompress the loss of a pet...and yet there are no words that can express the true heartfelt comprehenson of the loss of someone else's loss. be it human, or animal. godspeed.

  3. We will miss that wide-eyed, panting, circling dog. He was a husky for the ages!

  4. yeah...was totally tipsy when I tried to comment. Just wanted to really say that it's amazing the footprints that animals leave on our hearts. It is a beautiful post in honor of what I'm sure was a beautiful dog.