Monday, January 15, 2007

Make this day better

There is a little girl who has some questionable luck with birthdays. There is a combination of a January birthday and her insistence on living in New England. Also a small town to be factored in and a family.

On many birthdays it snows. Or sleets. Or sleets then ices up then snows on top of it. In a town where nobody delivers pizza they really don't deliver it when the roads are treacherous.

Cakes? They almost never appear unless she makes them herself.

Presents? OK, there are usually presents.

This year, though, she and I exchanged presents before Christmas so I'm not even contributing to that part today. There's nothing I can do about the pizza thing.

Help a sister out, will you? Go send the Pretty Pretty (Ass Kicking) Princess a birthday greeting in her comments section. Let's make this a good birthday, even if it is sleeting and wintry mixing all over her curly, curly locks.

Happy Birthday Chili! Here's to a year of fabulousness, fun and pizza.


  1. got her one sent. How's your day going?

  2. Anonymous3:57 PM

    You rock! Thank you!