Friday, January 26, 2007

Not just a drinking game

Bobby is hanging out here for a couple of hours. You remember Bobby, right?

If he's left alone too long sometimes Satan starts to speak to him and property damage ensues so I brought him over for a little visit. He's been very good. Not perfect but not Devil Dog, either. Sort of mellow with a side of "What does that taste like?". Mostly it's been business as usual.


In over a decade of dog owning, walking and sitting I have never had someone snout aside the shower curtain to see what I'm doing in there.

Until today.


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Heh. Curious little pooch, huh?

    So, yesterday, I'm babysitting my nephews (ages seven and six). They were (I thought) getting ready to go downstairs, as their mom was due any moment to pick them up, so I went upstairs to get into my jammas and go to the bathroom.

    I have two doors to my upstairs bathroom; one that leads from the hallway and one that leads from my room. I closed the hallway door, but only swung the bedroom door partly shut (thinking that no one was going to be up there, anyway).

    The next thing I know, I see the seven year old's face in the crack of the doorway, MESMERIZED by the glimpse of my pubic hair he caught as I stood up from the potty. Seriously - the kid didn't move or blink or THINK for a full ten seconds.

    It's obvious that their household isn't nearly as casual about such things as ours is - we are frequently naked in front of each other and penises, pubic hair, and breasts are afforded no more special attention than ears or shins or elbows.

    I think I may have scarred the boy.

  2. We're the same way at our house, too, and I have to keep it in my brain always when I'm changing or in the bathroom to make sure the doors are closed/locked--not because the guest children will come in (although I suppose that, too, could happen), but because my girls will throw wide the door as they burst in to exclaim/inquire/comment about whatever thing is on their minds at the moment.

    I don't care who sees me naked, really. It's not anything outstanding one way or the other. However, it would not do for little children to have nightmares after having seen something they were thoroughly unprepared for.

    As for dogs, cats and other non-English-speaking members of the house, they can just keep the secrets to themselves.

  3. Don't you just love it? It seems that I cannot pee w/o at least 3 of the 4 cats coming in to check it out. "what's going on? why are you sittig there? what's behind the shiney thing?" Sambo actually jumped in the shower with Phil last week. Not his favorite exploratory outing, I assure you.

  4. Really? Mine do that all the time. It's the water, I'm sure. Naked me isn't worth the trouble.

  5. Bobby hearts nudity. Sorry I forgot to tell you about our voyeuristic canine.