Friday, January 12, 2007

Something to come home to

As most of you know I'm headed off to a funeral. Memorial service. Whatever you want to call it somebody died. A different funeral than the one I was planning on going to even.

Anyway, not taking my computer, won't have web access, nothing to see here until at least Sunday. So if you're a delurker or a regular reader or even someone I'm going to see this weekend please leave a comment. Tell me something funny or happy or bizarre so I have something fun to come home to.


And thank you.

Oh, and have a nice weekend if you're not going to a funeral and if I'm not going to see you.


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Well, I'm really HOPING to see you. I've been pouring "send Kizz my way, even for only half an hour" energy into the Universe - we'll see if it does me any good.

    I'll come back and post a funny story for you later this afternoon. You're not going to see it until Sunday, so I've got some wiggle room. I've gotta get out of here now, or I'll be late for a lunch date...

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    True story:

    I asked the kids to do a five minute write about what they think ‘funny’ is. As we were settling in, the professor in the next room (the room separated from mine by an acordian-folded screen like thing) started YELLING at his students. To be fair, he’d been teaching his lesson rather loudly for the duration of his class, so it may just have been that we were quiet, but seriously. He bellowed at his students; “WRITE IT DOWN! ACCOMPLICE - A-C-C-O-M….). My kids looked up, dismayed, and I pointed to the partitian and said “Now, THAT is funny!”

    But it gets better…

    One of the students in that class texted one of the students in MY class, telling him that the professor next door had set up a video (we heard him warn his class that they were NOT to leave until the movie was over), and then LEFT THE ROOM! Seriously! He put on a movie and left his class to fend for themselves. I mean, I understand that these kids are grown-ups (well, most of them) but really? I was astounded that a teacher would do something like that.

    Okay - maybe you had to be there, but *I* thought it was funny....

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    My best friend Emily and I just got to spend a solid week together in Boulder with Real.True.Snow. on the ground and falling from the sky.
    My friend Rob also lives near her and one night we stayed up late drinking beer from the New Belgium brewery and playing Monopoly. That night Rob decided to come back to Texas with the boyfriend and I.
    Which has led me to officially institute a new policy of simply importing cool people rather than trying to make friends in this dinky (dry) college county.
    You're cordially invited to historic(historic?) Denton, TX for homemade beer, chocolate cake and midnight Boggle.

  4. I finished The Pants... Ann Brashares is my hero. I'll send it to you on Tuesday.

  5. If you haven't seen it yet, come home to a few minutes of priceless George and Callie on your dvr.

  6. I'm taking this moment to say HI and declare my de-lurking status. I look forward to your posts, even if I haven't been able to comment for a long while.

    Since I'm here, I'll also ask about how your writing is coming. I'm a little further along the packet you've given me. I'll have time to do more over the next couple of weeks (my school is on intercession break until February).

    I hope your trip was as uneventful as it can be, while still including a funeral.

  7. Hayden, the 4yr old wonder nephew has this week been very sickly. snotty nose, lots of blowing and therefore having lots of crusty nose issues, dry, bleeding, etc. He gave a dissertation this week about how we all have the "e-portant booger" and you shouldn't pick the e-portant booger because then it bleeds. Grown ups have the eportant booger, but they don't pick it because they know better but he's not a grown up and he accidently picked his eportant booger and it's really really hurting.

    Here's to you surviving this weekend, getting home safe and sound with your "e-portant booger" intact.


  8. Anonymous7:51 PM


    I was thinking of something to put here this weekend--where did this weekend go? (You don't want to know.)

    I guess you're long back now. Really, I'm a bum.

    Speaking of which--I highly recommend Factotum. Have you seen it? Matt Dillon at his best and fattest. I've been on the fense regarding Matt Dillon. No more.