Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bad slide show

I have a pretty visual brain. Images come popping into my head when I try to make sense of things. Sometimes these images are funny, sometimes it's just a whole snake pit and sometimes it's something vaguely disturbing in between.

It's about to snow/sleet/hail/rain/commit some meteorological skullfuckery all over New York. By tomorrow that will be rain for us, the weatherbots are all but certain of it. Back where I come from, though, it's a little iffier. My mom is right on the rain/snow line and if it comes down snow they're talking feet.

Right now mom lives, essentially, in a tiny bungalow of a place with her Old Man Friend. The OMF is in his late 80s (I know), and has had several heart-related surgeries (I know) and suffers recurrent bouts of loss of feeling in his legs ( I know, already!). The driveway is a steep grade, it's only about 10 feet long but it's a steep and treacherous 10 feet. There's a decent possibility that with the right combination of snow and ice there will be significant loss of power and it will be difficult to get power restored in a timely fashion. I don't know if the OMF (I keep typing "the OMG" and it also seems right) has a generator but I'm pretty sure there's no working fireplace or wood stove in the bungalow. He does, however, have a whole 'nother bigger house right across the road (I don't know, I don't ask, I assume it's an inheritancy sort of thing but really I just don't want to know that badly) so I figure there's some sort of provision for ... huh, I just remembered that the boiler in the second house went belly up a couple months ago so maybe that won't be the refuge. But their close friends, who also happen to be Chili's grandparents, live down the street (and by down the street I mean like a mile down the road) and Chili's grandfather is the sort of guy who probably has a generator and a year's worth of gas stockpiled at this point.

So, anyway, I'm picturing the exodus from the bungalow. I'm realizing that numb legs and a bionic heart are likely not going to navigate treacherously snow-covered ice very well and I'm wondering how they'll work it out and this picture popped into my head.

My mother will pull him on a sled.

If you've ever met my mother you know I'm right, too.

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  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I'm here to testify that Kizz is telling the God's-honest, hand-to-bible, stick-a-needle-in-my-eye-if-I'm-lyin' truth here. Believe it.

    And, yes, my grand-folks have both a generator AND a woodstove. Everyone will be just fine.