Thursday, February 08, 2007

I wonder what the hangover will be like

I am doing the new age equivalent of drunk blogging.

I got my first massage about 3 years ago in a spa situation. It was a hot stone thing and it was nice, very smooth and gentle and made you happy. Today was not that kind of massage. It was deep tissue and painful sometimes and a little scary and I could feel what she was changing in my muscles. Also, it was a little chilly.

What I didn't anticipate is the vaguely loopy feeling I've had ever since. It's like being pleasantly tipsy but I'm not so full I can't keep drinking water. About 15 minutes ago I had that crashy moment where I thought, "Bed. Now." But I have to walk the dog first which involves going outside which involves donning every single piece of clothing I own which is daunting so I'm blogging first.


But seriously, did you miss me?

The crowd screams, "How can we miss you if you won't go the fuck away?"

You may also be wondering why I haven't been fired from my job yet.

Because I cheated on the blogging. Last Sunday I cached some entries then every morning when I got to work I switched the time signature and posted. Sneaky, huh? In the meantime, though, I've been thinking of a ton of things to write about:

- How good it was for me not to have a computer at home for a couple of days - learning experience

- How much I love my new spa-massaged computer and the talented and sexy people who gave it the spa treatment

- How Goog1e/B1ogger is forcing me to switch to the unBeta and my problems with that

- My massage (yes, there's more)

- Cat for long term foster PLEASE HELP! I will pay for food and litter and vet PLEASE HELP!

- Cold and hate

- Seasonal Affective Disorder

- Anger

- My complete inability to do math (which I can't actually blog about because it manifested itself during a project which is sort of secret presenty sort of a thing)

- My parents

- This book I'm reading

- The 107 in 2007

- Fear as it relates to marketing and career

OK, I'm done. There's more but it's possible I will fall asleep at the keyboard and while I understand how sexy that is I think I'm not quite sexy enough overall to pull off such an act.

The upshot here is I'm really glad to be back but I must go out in the cold and wake myself up for the good of the dog before I can go to sleep. Thanks for waiting around for me. What happened while I was gone?


  1. you are cracking me up! Deep tissue is just the "hurts so good" experience. I was getting one every week for awhile, and would hav to drink tons of water and later actually feel loopy, crazy. and sore the next day! I hate that you had to go out in the cold before you could crash, but such is life. Glad you're back. I've been too lazy/busy/tired to do anything on mine this week. flop.

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    My GOD! It WAS three years ago, wasn't it?! And I haven't had a massage since. I should probably remedy that, huh...

    You know what I'd really love? I'd really love for my health club to put in a massage studio where I could stumble in after my yoga classes, where I'm already pretty loopy to begin with. It'd be like being stoned without the chemicals...