Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Julie's gig

I've posted about Julie a lot. My love for her is no secret. She has a connection to emotion that I only wish I could find for myself. I have trouble describing what it is that's so important to me about her. Describing her music? Jesus, almost impossible.

Until Saturday night's gig.

She was telling some hilarious stories. One of which was about a friend helping her come up with the one 25 words or less description of her music.

"Dirge Pop. It's like, let's go to a funeral with Julie on a sunny day!"

It is!

One of the million things I admire about Julie is that she decided to study singing later in life (concert pianist, poet, lyricist, healer, hypnotherapist and now singer) but she hasn't let the process of learning her craft squelch her emotional connection to the music. I always lead with the technical specs, reluctant to be vulnerable. She leads with her emotion and layers it with newly won craft and the effect is mesmerizing.

When she puts out her first CD you're all getting a copy for Christmas.

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