Thursday, February 22, 2007

Living on the proceeds

My cousin Mike writes. Like for a living. Not the crazy fiction stuff that I love to write, he goes out and does completely nutso real life stuff and then people pay him to write about it.

Sometimes he sits next to me and tells me all the stuff he can't write on the internet or that don't make it into the published stories. There's always a big show about what's on or off the record but that's more about being afraid that I'll slip up with information at the dinner table on Christmas Eve than about spilling to the world at large.

Last weekend was a huge "research" weekend for him and he posted the leftover anecdotes on his blog. You should go read about it.

Sometimes I'm pickle green with envy of him (and his brother the film dude) for his ability to do what he loves and survive on the proceeds. Trying to see it as an example to aspire to.

To what do you aspire?


  1. ok. that was very cool.

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I aspire to be a great mother and competent and respected teacher. The titles of "friend" and "wife" are ones I take very seriously, too..

  3. Wow, Kizz! That’s a great question! I have lots of aspirations, ranging from starting a school and intentional community all the way down to not eating so damn fast when it’s mealtime. I aspire to be a triathlete again, and to be the kind of papa my children need me to be. I aspire to be both smart and wise, and to know when which is the right tool for the job. I aspire to do just as your cousin does—wake up every day with a sense of purpose and be able to survive in the real world with wireless Internet access while fulfilling it. I aspire to see the world, in all its infinite variety, but not to do it by tour bus. Today, I aspire to get some of my thesis written, go for a walk before it clouds over and find something nutritious and appealing for dinner. Maybe stuffed tomatoes?

  4. Right now I aspire to be a good Mom, and not to let that override my role as Wife. The teaching thing feels a bit on autopilot this year, but I am okay with that -- as long as it's just for this year.

  5. I aspire to aspire.

    Great piece. Love it when I meet those ever so super dynamic people doing my dream job.

    Its possible the choir starts to sing in my head.

    Crap, I wish I would have know all this when I was five so I could have been Supreme Court Justice.