Sunday, February 04, 2007

Only 999 to go

For reasons that cannot be divulged I had the internet teach me how to fold an origami crane just now.

This site was unable to do it. It was like that bad, evil yoga teacher we talked about.

But this site was all gentle yoga and shit and I made a sad but accurate legal pad crane.

I swear to you that the last step is "blow in the hole". About this I would not joke. I made the crane work even though blowing in the hole didn't seem to be doing anything. (That's what she said.)

The legend is that if you fold 1,000 of these suckers you get a wish. One wish. It's like eating lobster legs, all that work and so little return. But I feel pretty good about doing it and I think it's the right choice for....

I can't tell you.

So, what are you doing at 12:39am on a Sunday?


  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Now, I'm not SURE, but I think that people can contribute to your crane collection and you still get the wish. If that's so, the girls and I can help you; we love to make the things (well, *I* like to make them; the girls like to decorate them with stickers and glitter....)

  2. To the first site, I offer the following instructions:

    1) Bend the thumb inward to the palm (pink here) to get this.
    2) Repeat step 1 with the index finger.
    3) Repeat step 1 with the fourth finger.
    4) Repeat step 1 with the pinky finger.
    5) Turn palm toward you with remaining finger up.