Friday, February 23, 2007

Things I'm Looking For

Or, rather, things for which I am looking. You know, technically.

I figured out who I want to direct my Chekhov play. Her name is Kristen Ames and I went to college with her. She's about 5'4" tall, dark brown hair, shoulder length at last sighting, was branching out from her all black wardrobe into forest green and navy. She graduated from NYU around 1989. I found a couple of listings for her on the internet but they were outdated. Apparently she produced at least portions of HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival a couple of years ago and she was teaching/directing one person shows. All of this is provided that the Kristen Ames I found is the one I'm looking for. My girl was a founding member of the Tiny Mythic Theatre Company. After she left, Tiny Mythic was a driving force in the making of HERE performance space. I have tried the Artistic Director of HERE and she doesn't know. When Kristen left Tiny Mythic she was planning to leave New York. She's from DC so I thought she might go there but she could be anywhere now, she left over a decade ago. Even if she doesn't want to direct my play I miss her and I want to talk to her. I know it's a long shot but if anyone could find her for me I'd figure out some sort of reward system, really.

Also, the DVD is ready to be duplicated. That'll happen in the next couple of weeks depending on the timing for Media Guy. I need to get out of my office job. I'm going under for the third time in my cubicle farm job and I need to find a better way. That better way is probably as a teaching artist. So the Shakespeare is my in. It's quality education on its own and when you pair it with one of my awesome workshops (good for students and teachers alike, professional development event anyone?) it can supplement your English curriculum and help you to give your students a better rounded education. How is this a request? You ask. Well, did you go to high school within a 2 hour commute of midtown? Do you have kids who go to such a school? Know someone with kids who do? Someone who teaches at one? Someone who wishes they did? Someone who once made a California stop in the general vicinity of one of those schools? If you answered yes to any of those questions I'm talking to you. Hell, it doesn't have to be in a 2 hour commute. I'll go to New England, I'll go to OK, I'll go pretty much anywhere, but if I have to travel more than 2 or so hours I'll have to stay over so I'll have to string together a couple of days work. Anyway, who at the school brings in outside performances? Who brings in guest speakers? Can you introduce me to that person with a meeting, a phone call or an e-mail? Please? Please?

A cleaning person who will come in 3 hours once a month and do the bathroom, the kitchen and whatever else she can get done in that time. S/he needs to be OK with the animals. S/he needs to be $20 per hour or less. Good communication skills are desired but not required.

Oh, and I'm still on the hunt for publishers. (Wayfarer, I've got a second draft that I'll hopefully type up this weekend and then send back to you. The feedback was, as they say, wicked helpful.)

Wouldn't suck to find my other fuzzy gray sock but it's not top priority right now.

What are you looking for?


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Kizz, can I post a shout out for you on my teacher blog? Many of my readers are - duh - teachers and may be interested in what you have to offer Shakespeare-wise.

    As far as what I'M looking for; right now, the magic words to bring my 10 year old back to the realm of civility.

    Oh, and the perfect purse.....

  2. Yes, please do, I'd be very grateful.

  3. I'm psyched to see the revision!
    Also, your request for introductions reminded me that I haven't followed up with our Theater director since last year about your production. I'll do that when school comes back into session.

  4. Hello there Kizz. It's Kristin.
    A old highschool girlfriend googled me tonight & found your blog saying you were looking for me. I'm still in NY & am curious, who ARE you? I have a copy of Nickel & Dimed I can lend you if it's still on your wish list.