Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10 Things I Wish on a Tuesday

1. I wish I was thin (duh).

2. I wish I could quit my cubefarm job without fear (me and what army?).

3. I wish I'd thought up the character of Barney on How I Met Your Mother (Virtual high five!).

4. I wish I'd been the one to cut my relationship with JAM short (lord have mercy do I wish it).

5. I wish I had the perfect cocktail dress (the one thing that makes me wish I were like every other woman my age).

6. I wish I knew what in heck to do interior decorating wise with my apartment (apparently I do have something in common with Sundry).

7. I wish I were braver (and I wished that shit so long before Shawn Colvin did).

8. I wish that Josh "I remember everything" Jackson would just freaking call already.

9. I wish my skin were not dehydrated (and that's the least of my dehydration worries).

10. I wish I had a TV the size of my wall. ("It hurts my eyes." [chuckle] "Yeah, that doesn't go away.")

What do you wish?


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I wish I had the perfect cocktail dress. OH how I wish it (yeah, you, me, and every other woman our age).

    What do I wish? I wish my house were finished. I wish I had all the parenting answers. I wish the climate where I live could be slightly less harsh. I wish chocolate could be considered a free vegetable.

  2. I wish all those things for you.

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    chocolates as vegetables is a dandy wish - I second it.

    I wish there had been ONE more season of Angel.

    I wish so much of the great and germane information I learned during my degrees weren't in a locked room inside my head, practically inaccessible.

    I wish some people would resist the urge to be snide when really thin people wish they could find clothing that FITS.

    I wish they paid teachers much more than they do.

  4. When Josh wakes up, I'll remind him to give you a ring.

  5. And, Amen Sister Christian to Organic Mama's last two wishes.