Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bit It

Face planted on sidewalk.

Fractured elbow.

Can't type (thank you, Chili)

Back in a few days.


  1. hmmm...I did not wish that for you. Sorry...magic's rusty.
    You shall have to heal yourself. I'm afraid I would just cause more trauma.

  2. As we say in our house, "poor sweet baby". We're so sorry about your major owie. Take it easy (like you have a choice).

    love and blessings,
    Sooza and Wayfarer

  3. Poor you. I am so sorry! Anything I can do?

  4. Poor you. I am so sorry! Anything I can do?

  5. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Sending bestest wishies for a speedily recovering. Doesn't that make your brain hurt? Sorry.

    As Buffy said, "There is no problem that chocolate can't cure," so I am sending you some of the good stuff to aid in your recovery. Chili'll give me your address...

  6. Girl child, so sorry. Well wishes to you. Way too much pain to get a few days off to spend on the couch with the dog!

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