Sunday, March 04, 2007

Comment replies

First of all, sorry if some of you have had trouble not being able to comment lately. Please don't get your panties in a twist, it's happened to me with MKAEP's blog but it seems to get corrected after a bit. I've taken word verification off for the moment but if I start getting spam again I'll put it back on. I just don't have the patience to moderate comments and I don't like the way it makes it possible for me to censor what you read in the comments section.

Now, to reply to the comments I've had.

That hot chick? Katherine Moennig. She's been featured before on the Hot People series and I wouldn't be surprised if she was featured again. She's a core character, Shane, on The L Word, the 5 people that watched The WB's Young Americans might recognize her as the girl masquerading as a guy in that and she spent last spring here in NYC in a play whose name I can't remember off the top of my head. No, wait, I saw it on her site, it was Guardians at The Culture Project. Isn't she just smoking?

Chili, yes I read all of Crime & Punishment but it was a long time ago so our discussion might be very short. I do prefer Dostoevsky over some of the other Russian novelists. I'd like to read The Idiot but haven't gotten down to it yet.

Miflohny, technically Blue River came up from the Soundtrack for the Century disc that you loaned me but either way it came from you so thanks!

Everybody go down to the music meme entry and you can see that Sarah came over to let me know that she had posted her version of the instructions in an earlier entry so go ahed and hit that link to get the real deal. Thank you Sarah!

Gertrude Kennedy, thank you for the lovely compliment and I love that you referenced the most recent episode of the Gilmore Girls while doing it.

Keep those comments coming when you can, please, I will respond it just takes me a while sometimes.

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