Thursday, March 01, 2007

Excuse me, I memed

Nablopomo really is the gift that keeps on giving content. I was surfing some of the list of participants from November and over on Zeitgeist I found this meme. I must have seen it somewhere else, too, because I remember there being directions and there aren't any in this post but I can't find that second place, if you are that person I am very sorry for not crediting you. However, I'm not going to let that stop me. I'll wing it, it's not, after all, rocket science. I know all about rocket science, I went on a date with a rocket scientist once, and this is not it.

You put your MP3player on shuffle.
You press play.
First song is the answer to the first question.
When you've written that down hit Next on the player and go to the next question.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

What you have to understand about mine is that I'm no music expert. I like a bunch of stuff, most of it weird. When I read other people's answers to memes like this I sort of skim because I'm not going to be able to hear most of the songs in my head so it won't make any sense to me. I won't ever be all *knowing chuckle* "Yeah..." I also like to hoarde music. I have over 5500 songs on the Pod. I got the first 1800 songs by "borrowing" Chili's entire library at the time. I also have some "wholeness" issues so even if I only like one song I really like to download the entire CD. Which is all to say that it's more than possible that, when doing this meme, I would get a number of songs I don't know at all. Here are my results:

Opening Credits: Things Happen, Kirsty MacColl
I love this song, I should be so lucky for it to be my opening credits.

Waking Up: Hang Down Your Head, Tom Waits
I like Waits but I don't know much of his stuff, I didn't know this until now.

First Day of School: Endless Summer Nights, Richard Marx
Very 80s with the synth and sax feel but the title sure is good for opening of school. Also did not know this before the meme.

Fight Song: One Trick Pony, Paul Simon
How disappointed in me are you going to be if I tell you that before this I'd never listened to this song?

Breaking Up: And With His Stripes We Are Healed, Handel's Messiah
Weird for a break up but not impossible and I love Handel.

Happiness: Blue River, Eric Andersen
Got this off a compilation. Had never listened to it. Am thoroughly in love now.

Life's OK: Hallelujah, Handel's Messiah
First repeat artist so that's interesting. This is not only a song I know but one I have sung in concert and hell yes it means Life's OK.

Mental Breakdown: Hold On My Heart, Genesis
I pretty much feel like if I'm stuck listening to Genesis all day long I would have a breakdown. I do like them but it's a total throwback to high school and it wigs me out. I'd also never heard this song before.

Driving: Inconsolable, Jonatha Brooke
I have actually used this as a driving song. It's awesome.

Flashback: Cedar Trees, Indigo Girls
Never heard this before. It has a great flashback feel.

Getting Back Together: Non Nobis Domine, Deller Consort
Yes, I frequently have makeup sex to obscure renaissance music.

Wedding Song: Higher Ground, Stevie Wonder
Here's where it gets weird. I had this off a compilation CD that Miflohny made for her wedding reception.

Birth of First Child: On Children, Sweet Honey in the Rock
Dude, how cool is that? Go listen to it if you have kids, especially if they're ticking you off.

Final Battle Scene: Jingle Bells, Eastern Bloc
I played this frequently during the last holiday season. Given my ongoing love/hate relationship with the holidays this is the perfect song for my final battle.

Death Scene: Dancin' in the Kitchen, Eric Sinclair
The artist was a student of my dad's and a teacher of mine. It's a very sweet and peppy love song about domestic bliss which makes my death even sadder.

Funeral Song: I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You, Tom Waits
And, another repeat artist. I have now fallen in love with this song, too. Last line: "And I think that I just fell in love with you" At my FUNERAL! The poor guy.

End Credits: On The Sunny Side of the Street, D. Jay Bradley
It's sort of perfect end credit music, instrumental, peppy, swingy and how nice for my end credits to be by someone I know and love.

A little odd, huh? But cool.


  1. Cute, that. I can't do a meme like that, myself, since all I have on my mp3 player are podcasts (how many editions of "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" can one person listen to??).

  2. D'oh! I did the leave the instructions off that post, didn't I? They're included on my version, a week or so earlier:

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I find it very gratifying that 2 of my compilations have made it onto your iPod, and, hence, the list. Glad you have discovered Blue River - which you may have actually gotten from that CD set I loaned you once, but I'm pretty sure it was on one of my compilations too at some point, so I'll pretend you got it from there :-)