Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Family update

I'm a slug. Everyone else in my family is all about the big announcements and milestones today.

MamaKizz got a job! So happy and relieved and excited for her. It's a good choice for her and it's been a long dry spell.

PapaKizz has set a date for the wedding. And it's next month. I don't even know how one throws a bachelor party for one's father.

Aunt Rena turned 92 today. We spent a little time on the phone at lunch time today. She marked the day with a special outfit, pancake breakfast for one and not being allowed to stray too far from her phone. By the time we spoke at 1pm she was only short one family member's phone call.

What did your family do today?


  1. My folks just moved to Alabama from Florida. They now live in a mobile home (not a Mobile home) about ¼ mile from the gulf, and the initial reports are positive. My mother is even cleaning up the spare bedroom for her grandchildren to come and visit (and hinting not so subtlely that this should happen sooner, rather than later).

  2. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Gramma finished her last round of chemo on Tuesday!! Her outlook is good!!

    Oh, and one does not throw a bachelor party for one's father. I'm just sayin'.