Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Hook Required

Saw the orthopedic guy Friday.

Picture if the star fullback of your high school football team popped his ACL freshman year of college and somehow bluffed his way through med school. This was the guy.

I actually liked him a lot. He was honest and a little hyper but he was listening to me and didn't talk to me like I was imagining anything or was to blame for being unhealthy. Which puts him pretty much in the top 1% of the doctors I've ever seen. (No offense if you're a doctor but frankly, I freaking hate your kind and you should be fined every time you smile at me like I'm a slow toddler crying over a skinned knee and nod to hurry me up.)

The fracture may or may not be a fracture. It might be an imperfection on the image. However, my whole arm is severely sprained. The deal is it'll take about a month for me to be healed. A little longer than that before I'm free of even the occasional twinge. In the mean time, have you ever heard this joke?

Patient: Doc, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: Don't do that!

Pretty much that's what he told me. "So, you should keep moving it but you probably shouldn't carry a lot of weight...but that'll hurt so you won't do that."

So, yes, I still feel kind of crappy but the bad news is, I'll live. Thanks for all the kind thoughts, and the chocolate!

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