Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm not an idiot.

Well, not a complete idiot.

I know that when you "spring forward" you lose an hour of sleep. Yet somehow I screwed up and got up a full hour early.

I needed to be ready by 9:30 and I decided to cut it close in order to get some extra sleep and give myself just 90 minutes to get ready. So I set the (properly sprung) clock to 7am.

Yeah, I see that now.

The thing is I joined Weight Watchers and foods have point values and so do activities and you need to measure your food and points values obviously change with how much food you measure and math is not my strong point. I'm sure this has been made clear by now. Doing a lot of math makes me tense and pretty irritable and intensely confused. The whole thing is like 2 trains traveling at the same speed, 1 traveling West from Alberquerque and the other traveling East from Schenectady, each carrying 350 points of food with an equal distribution of each of the 4 food groups on the night before Daylight Savings...

You know what I'm saying?

It makes me tired.

So yeah. Alarm went off. I got up. I was sitting on the couch in front of the TV checking my e-mail before I realized I could have slept for a whole extra hour.

Fucking new Daylight Savings bullshit. Hate that.

It did bring me one awesome quote, though. My mother on DST, "It's ridiculous to move it like that. I mean, it's still the same number of hours of daylight. It's not like we're turning the sun back!"

True that, mommy, true that.


  1. Anonymous6:59 AM

    AMEN, MamaKizz! It pisses me off every. single. year. I'm betting, too, that the people who invented this didn't have to haul cranky, sleep deprived children out of bed an hour earlier, either...

  2. MamaKizz gets an Atta Girl. While the springing forward usually lands me on my butt every year, once I get adjusted I LOVE having the daylight longer...summer's just the getting there. ugh.

  3. I've been all kinds of stupid this morning. I asked someone how long I get to use the old DST excuse and her reply was "..until October, when we get our hour back!"

  4. On the WW issue of doing the math, there's an open source Excel spreadsheet out there that does the calculations and such for you, if you have the information. I modified it for Wifeness and I to use, and it really makes it easier to keep track of things. If you're finding math makes the task of keeping track of points distasteful, this might be a useful tool. If you'd like a copy, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to send it along.

  5. Ok...I'd be interested in that spreadsheet if you get a copy, Kizz.

  6. I hate mornings Sam I am.
    I hate it, despise them because I can!
    I don't care if you give me a extra hour of sleep, I don't care if you take it away.
    I hate mornings everyday.

    You can give me coffee, grits, eggs, ham, cheese and rice; I don't care.
    I still won't be nice.

    Mornings... duck, pluck, fuck, muck, and really suck.

    Give me back my pillow bitch.

    Its my ode de' morning.
    You likey?