Tuesday, April 03, 2007

10 Things Tuesday Boring Edition

Enticing title, eh?

10 Things I'm Going to Do This Week

1. Go to brunch at a crazy French country sort of place

2. See 300 in IMAX

3. Visit 2 private schools to sell them my show.

4. Have dinner with my new Southern Girls dinner group. I was somehow made an honorary southern girl.

5. Send a packet for my show to someone who has expressed interest in buying it.

6. Drop off a picture to be framed.

7. Get the stupid lock for my stupid door fixed by the stupid maintenance office.

8. Probably finish my super secret Origami Crane project.

9. Internet research on some community colleges in neighboring states.

10. Lie abed for hours and hours doing nothing of substance or import, occasionally hiding my head under the covers when the world seems too close.

What are you up to this week?


  1. well, yesterday I tagged my car, washed my car, went to the bank, ate lunch with my dad, worked in the yard, planted and transplanted, took two showers and had fish tacos for dinner. Today, I'm slated for a perm and that's as far as I get before my head implodes. Good luck with your week!!

  2. You're an honorary Southern Girl now. Pretty soon, you will have the desire to talk funny and wear silly hats.

    I'm trying to keep the dinner within a decent point range for the WW ladies. However, there will be chocolate for dessert, so save up some points on Thursday!

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Wowie. That's quite a list.

    Mr. Chili saw 300 and said it was "okay." I think he was disappointed. We loved Shooter, though; that'll be a DVD purchase when it comes out.

    This is me sending good energy into the Universe on your behalf for the success of your shows and workshops!!!

  4. I must admit, I am a little more than intrigued my the super secret oragami project...especially since your elbow is out-of-whack. I imagine you pretzeled, creasing paper with teeth and toes.

  5. The 300 AWESOLENT! Loved in. Frank Miller is my hero. All the mantastic men! Loved it! Think I had a Violencegasm while watching it.