Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm so bad at replying in comments. I write the answers in my head and never type them in. Hence the occasional comment reply posts like this one.

MKAEP, that's Miflohny and the Media Guy's brand new kid. I've talked briefly to dad and not at all to mom or baby so I'm going to wait and let them tell their stories before I say more. Also, yes, I do know I'm certifiable. I am one step ahead of the butterfly net but I'm doing my best to use my powers for good.
Chromeplated Girl, hee, sorry about the song. I totally did it to myself last night as we were getting punchy racing to finish the Crane Project and I had to pass it off to someone else.

Nobody asked but I'll tell you anyway that the dinner Kath made was glorious. Who knew that burgers made of nuts and legumes and curry would be so devastatingly yummy? The chocolate dessert to which she alluded in comments? FONDUE, BABY! She's a marvel that one. Love her.

Way back in the wayback machine JRH asked about my quote choices. I'd like to give you some clever response about how I crafted the entry to do very specific things to your memories and emotions but in fact I was trying to do the entry fairly quickly at work so I couldn't even look at my skimpy DVD collection for inspiration and I was just winging it. If I'd taken the time to read the whole memorable quotes page for each movie/show it would have taken me weeks. I have spent whole days at work perusing memorable quotes (don't tell on me) so I mostly just skimmed until I found one I liked. I'm sure that's true of the West Wing quote I chose. As for the double shot of Cusack I can only say that I like him a lot and I'm deeply connected to the Sure Thing, which came out my senior year of high school and by association to Grosse Point Blank since it came out the year my class had our 10th reunion. Since I was riffing anyway it was only logical I'd skip from one to the other. (A peek inside my brain, hope it doesn't melt your eyeballs.)

Thanks to everyone who shared their numbers. I've loved to hear them.

Also thanks for the offers to help me get to MA for the Red Molly show. I do appreciate them and wish I could take you up on them but there's a dog care issue and, after trying to drive for 10 minutes last night it's come to my attention that my arm isn't ready for that yet. I'm sure I'll be able to see other Red Molly shows in future and it's no skin off their noses if I don't go. I'll be at home rolling in dogs since Bobby will be staying with us for a week at that point.

While I'm thanking people, thanks for everyone who ever comments. I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that comments are like crack and they keep me coming back here but please know that you are appreciated.

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