Thursday, April 19, 2007

Civic Pride

I found this quote about New Yorkers that I love. It felt a little arrogant, though. I was afraid it would sound mean if I posted it so I waited.

Then I had the following two conversations and I figured I probably had a little leeway.

I was having a conversation about home buying with a friend. She started to talk about where she would live next, as in which other city.

Me: You're going to leave New York?
Her: Oh yeah. I figure New York has about a 10 year shelf life and we've been here 8 already.
Me: ...
Her: You're going to stay here?
Me: Yeah, all my life.

Later a friend was visiting from [Big Southern City].

Him: How you mind if I ask how much your apartment cost?
Me: $150,000
Him: You could get a whole house in [Big Southern City] for that. (Raises eyebrow as if I should jump at this hypothetical opportunity.)
Me: ...

So, you know, I love New York, it's no secret and here's a quote that makes me feel enormously proud and just a little evil.

The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.
- John Updike


  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    You and I have had similar conversations, but I think that's mostly been me trying to wrap my head around the enviornment in which you live.

    I have come to admire and respect your love for your city. While I'm certainly happy where I live, I'm not sure that I wouldn't be willing to pick up and leave if the right offer came along; I don't have the same kind of deep-seated attachment to my town. I dig that about you.

  2. It's the center of the Universe. It's the best city in the world. . . that I've been to. I heart NY. Having said it, I could no longer live there now, I think. I am in too much love with my space and backyard and garden and patio furniture and chiminea. However, I have no problems and am completly unashamed to love your space and visit once a year as long as I live!!!
    Love that quote.

  3. I think that if you don't think that about the Place Where You Live, you aren't living At Home.