Monday, April 02, 2007

First sign of failure - 107 in 2007

So, it looks like it's only just April and I won't be able to complete the 107 in 2007.

I have done #4 and finished the DVD. Even ready to distribute it to schools. Someone requested one yesterday!

I've had to discontinue #7, the floor barre class, since I messed up my arm.

#9, teaching in MA, got canceled for reasons beyond my control.

Here's the rub, #10, going to see Red Molly in MA. Not going to happen. I really wanted to go to this. There was an element of satisfaction to it. Years ago C-ann was doing me a huge favor and playing a gig at this church up there and the guy who ran the program was talking to her about her then-band, CC Railroad, and he was really arrogant and dismissive since she was playing folk that was too "modern" in his estimation. Here we are a few years later and her band has taken off so hard that he's had her booked for over a year. I had to sit through the intensely uncomfortable conversation and I was looking forward to watching this dude enjoy them in all his arrogant, dismissive, asshole glory. But I can't go. I have to go up for the wedding the next weekend and I just can't drive up 2 weekends in a row - arm, money, sanity, company, etc. So I'm bummed.

#16 is a work in progress. Again I'm citing arm injury as a non-posting excuse.

#17. Hey, check that out, I forgot I had that on the list! I saw Avenue Q last night, thanks to Baldsug. It was fun! I kind of love the dude who does Trekkie Monster.

#19. 2 bibs down and one to go!

#75! Again, totally forgot I put that on there. One of the accomplishments of hanging out with Ulserad and Crash was that I gave him back his Stargate DVD. I've had that thing for like 5 years!

OK, so that's the long and the short of it.


  1. Ok. This list is NOT a reminder of those things you are failing to complete. It's not a list that says "you suck you suck you suck." It's a list of GOALS, to keep you inspiried throughout the year, reminders of things to do. It's April 2nd for craps sake. Life gets in the way sometimes, but damn gina, you still have 273 days to get back to it!!!

  2. Hey, I was planning to reassess my list today too. (Mainly because I KNOW I checked off two this weekend.) I'll let you know how it looks.

    And, I second MKAEP. (And third and fourth.) Next year we have to put "not feel guilty about the stuff I didn't do" on the list so we can take credit for it. :)