Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Are we sprung yet?

Forsythia says "Spring" to me. It makes me hopeful and happy. I love to see it start popping up all over the neighborhood and when it does I start thinking to myself, Soon, it'll be warm and I'll be walking along here without my coat all happy and stuff.

Then as the cold persisted and the rain turned to snow flurries and the forsythia continued to bloom and grow I thought to myself, Wow, I had no idea Forsythia was so hardy. I wonder if it's related to Edelweiss.

After 4 days of snow and hearing small, shivering children cry, "But mommy when can we have some Global Warming, why does Mr. Gore want us to freeze?" while putting on my long johns again I thought, Shut up Forsythia you lying bastard!


  1. I hear you sis, loud and clear! A week ago yesterday we had a high of 87. Then on Thursday it was snowing and froze every night. I finally got to uncover the plants this morning and give them a drink. Soon. Spring is coming for all of us!!

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Our forsythia haven't really even started to bud yet, and I'm not THAT far north of you, really. We're expecting another dumping of snow on Thursday, too - at least 5-10 inches, though they think it could be more. "Spring", my ass...