Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Twenty Things Twosday

In the shower after I posted my 10 Things I thought, "I think I've got 10 more in me" ('That's what she said.' 'That's what you wish she said, man.')

Then I thought I wouldn't subject the intarweb to all that.

Then I found this picture and I decided, screw it, the intarweb doesn't have to read it if they don't want, they can just look at the picture and pee themselves laughing.


1. Actually it is my dog barking. It's just that she usually doesn't have anyone to bark at.

2. 2 toys have been destroyed. The blame is equally distributed between both dogs.

3. I'm OK with that. These are toys I've had forever that no one was playing with so I feel like they were finally put to good use. However, I never thought you could destroy a Wiggly Giggly Ball. Apparently if you have enormous paws you can step on it with all your weight to open up a crack and then start chewing. It'll still giggle right up to the end, though.

4. I'm slightly disturbed that between my thinking, "That toy isn't safe anymore when they're unsupervised." and my thinking, "OK, I've got to go, I'll hide the toy now." the Wiggly Giggly ball has completely disappeared. Lag time was approximately 5 minutes and I never left the room where the ball and the dogs were. No idea where it is.

5. For the first few days Bobby wasn't checking on me in the shower. I felt kind of rejected. He's started again but he only looks in once and he doesn't wait for me on the bathmat, he waits out in the hall. It's very When Harry Met Sally and why you should never take a girl to the airport.

6. Most of the dogs I hang out with are oldsters. I keep thinking, "We'll get together with some dogs that Em likes so Bob can hang out with other dogs." but it's like taking a toddler to the old folks' home, it's nice for the old folks but it's not doing a lot for the toddler.

7. Because of Emily's...er...anger management issues and my crippling guilt over taking Bobby out without her I've favored indoor fetch and wrestling and long walks over taking him for off leash on his own. If he were mine for keeps this wouldn't be a good long term plan but for this week I think it's worked well. I don't think he's been too bored and I do think he's getting enough attention and exercise.

8. I hope K&A are OK with this and I'm not stricken from the Bobbysitting list.

9. The dogs like to wrestle and run around and play with the toys. How come they'll only do it when I'm in the room? I spend 15 minutes in the shower and another 20 getting dressed and dried and whatnot, why do they wait until I'm trying to actually navigate the living room or, god forbid, sit on the sofa to start the shenanigans?

10. In response to Chili's comment from below, I'd like to think that kids and dogs act like yabos around us because they really love us so much they cannot contain themselves. In reality I think it's that, once they get used to us, our requests are no more than background noise, a comforting accompaniment to everyday life. When someone new shows up they actually start listening to content.

I'm exhausted but, hey, I kind of can't wait to get home.


  1. Re: #5 instead of rejection, can you think of it as a mark of respect? Or at least an aversion to steam?

    Re: #9 it's audience, baby, audience.

    Re: love hearing random things but now I miss being with dogs. :-( Hope you really enjoy the rest of the sitting.

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Heh. I've got a cat (a cat!) who loves to hang out on the bathmat whenever anyone's doing anything in the tub. He'll set and watch the girls do tubby. He'll sit and wait for Mr. Chili or me to finish our shower: Mr. Chili gives him "tub love," which involves flipping the cat into his toweled lap and loving half his fur off, and I give him "tub water" which is put in a shallow dish and left on the edge of the tub. He thinks water tastes better when it's drunk standing up. Some day soon, I'll post a picture.

  3. re #5: Bobby just wanted to give you some space. Don't take it personally. He doesn't get in the bathroom for Alex's shower, only mine

    As for being stricken from the list, are you kidding? We were just hoping you'd be able to last a week without killing him. Sounds like your neighbors are probably pretty happy the door slamming dog is gone!