Monday, May 21, 2007

Crushing blow

There are drawbacks to this whole weight loss plan, you know?

Yeah, you do, I know.

You have to plan. I have a love-hate relationship with planning. Mostly I really, truly hate making a firm plan and having it get torpedoed. Makes me angry.

And you wouldn't like me when I'm....


Anyway, today I lost some blubber and it's the start of a new week and it's vaguely summery out so I thought, "Now would be an appropriate time for a food reward." I thought this at, like, 6:30 this morning. I then proceeded to plan my whole day around it because that's what you do when you're on a budget of calories. I walked an extra leg of my commute, I held off on a morning snack, I took my lunch break very late, all so that I could go to the Tasti D for my afternoon snack and have the smallest fake ice cream allowed by law. (With sprinkles, dammit, because FUCK THEM sprinkles have no calories.)

"I'm sorry, we're all out of chocolate."

It is inappropriate at this juncture to joke about being sent to jail, however, I almost killed the guy with a plastic spoon I was so frustrated.

This is also how one becomes "accidentally" drunk. One plans one's day with limited caloric intake anticipating a possible appetizer/drinks outing in the neighborhood. One even thinks about which appetizers and which drinks one might want and factors it into the mathy part of one's plan.

Then the other one comes over and decides she wants to go to the other place (no food, totally different drinks) and one ends up drinking 2 for 1 happy hour Stellas on a basically empty stomach.

Whoops again.

So, I just ate some 100 calorie pack oreo crisps. Cold motherfucking comfort. I don't even like oreos and these are so not even anything resembling oreos but they're chocolate and they're only 2 points and I'm hungry.



  1. Amidst all the anger and terror that has been this ride for does it feel to be lighter in your clothes? Do you FEEL good? Better? Is it worth it, what you wanted? or just a big fat pain in the ass without icecream???

  2. I also wonder if you are FEELING better? That is really great that you're almost at your goal. It seems like it went pretty quickly, but I'm sure it felt like longer to you!