Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things that are Stupid

1. People who don't let people get off the train or bus first. I didn't take physics either but I can understand that until an equal amount of mass comes off that car then your big mass isn't going to fit on the car.

2. People who think that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. Um no. Conspiracy, probably, but on our end. Avenging a father, misdirecting attention from shitty domestic policy or even just a desire to play with big toys that go boom but not because the country in question took action against us.

3. The fact that I may have to send a letter by Pony Express (the actual Pony Express not the person) to tell my mother that I will pay for her to get a new phone charger. I'll get 2 even, it just makes sense to have one for home and one for travel.

4. People who see me restraining my dog and still keep forging ahead toward me with their own dog blissfully unleashed.

5. People who don't understand me. Different I am. A real puzzle surely not. Don't lie to me, don't yell at me and on the rare occasion when I ask for a big favor do what you can with a minimum of chatter. Other people have figured this out, it can't be that hard.

6. The people who took 2 networks (UPN & WB) and decided that the road to success was to keep all the reality shows and the lowest common denominator shows (One Tree Hill, because I watch you I can criticize) while ditching all the shows that have been nurtured to success over time (Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars). You let the Palladinos go and now you're trying to tweak Veronica Mars into oblivion? I would direct your attention just briefly to say, Law & Order (multiple moves of time and day, low ratings over a few seasons and yet now at every hour of the day someone somewhere is watching some form of it) or to Buffy (survived and thrived despite changes in creator's attention and a move of networks). Try to think long term, will ya?

7. Spending money on tapes and postage to send episodes of shows to people who can't be home to get them. But I do it anyway and I like it.

8. People who fail to jump at the chance to book my show in their school, library, theater or other venue. (heh)

9. High priced airline tickets for a flight that will be late departing, overcrowded and will make you sick with recirculated air.

10. Weight Watchers. Yes, it works but it's stupid and damnit I hate doing it. "It's not a 'die-t' it's a 'live-it'". No, in point of fact it's a 'suck-it' you cheerleading scumbag.


  1. 1. Yes, I too appreciate mass distribution.
    2. You are right. “Everything you say.” To quote dear Zelda.
    5. You are rare but not endangered. And lovely too.
    6. UPN/WB. Not since Kennedy and the missile’s has there been such a crisis.
    May be the same people that are running the WAR are running the control room at CW.

    I would add people who "drive" shopping carts at large scale retail grocery stores to the list.
    Also the Oklahoma State legislature because they still continue to be stupid about Vineyards and Wineries in Oklahoma. And they are messing around with my future.

  2. 9. See my ten things inspired by my flight yesterday.