Thursday, May 31, 2007

Triumph over self

I know you're really not supposed to write about work on your blog. I mean, I do understand the derivation of the term "dooced". (Although, really, at this point, isn't the way Heather's life has turned out almost an endorsement for getting your ass fired so you leap into what you really want to do? Maybe not but I might have to look at it that way.)

Anyway, what I'm going to tell you isn't a complaint, it's actually about me, about a failing of my own and it's a failing that my bosses know about already so I feel like that's fair game. If Miss Doxie, who is a bona fide legal professional can write about her ass hanging out during an official meeting then I can write about this.

I've finished my filing.

That's all I wanted to tell you.

Seems like a lot of build up for something so mundane, doesn't it.

Oh, wait, did I tell you when the last time I filed was?

No. OK, well that might be of interest. Evidence from my last 2 weeks of filing suggest that the last time I was fully up to date on the experience was March.

Of 2006.

In my defense, I did (basically) know where things were or have alternative ways of retrieving the information. Also, I know that's no excuse.

I have filed every work day for at least an hour for 2 weeks. I've made new files and I've fixed old ones and I've pitched the outdated stuff and I've answered my own questions. Now the drawers are crammed full and I can hardly fit another piece of paper. However, since I've done my bit (finally) I can ask the guys to go through and use their own discretion to get "the thrill of the the throw" (tm Queen Bee).

It feels good, kind of clean and exciting, but I don't think I want to do it again. So let's hope I can keep the filing to short, regular (weekly?) installments from now on.

Got any dirty secrets about the way you do your job?

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