Monday, June 04, 2007

Best case worst case scenario

OK, so the vet just called to say that the ultrasound is over. Apparently the mitral valve which is on the left side of his heart isn't snapping fully shut when the heart pumps. So the "whoosh" we heard (yes, I got to put on the stethoscope and hear the wrongness, then she went to the dog and let me hear the rightness in her heart for comparison, it's handy to have a control group pet) on Friday is essentially blood backwash. Yum, backwash. This is causing his atrium, aorta, whatever the a part is in the heart to grow larger because it is having to work harder to get the same amount of blood to the body. When that happens it doesn't make the entirety of the heart larger it encroaches on the space inside that the blood flows through. Which is, well, not ideal.

However, there is good news. Having seen it and seen what's happening they don't feel that he needs medication at this time and the recommended plan is to check his blood pressure today (apparently an intricate and somewhat innacurate process with cats, big surprise) and to ultrasound him again in a year. (Note to self: Budget $300 + vet visit per annum for cat bringing cat up to most costly pet in household.) Since they feel comfortable letting him go a year that seems pretty optimistic, right? Way long term it doesn't bode so well, he probably won't live to be 25 or anything but for now I can stop watching him for signs of impending doom and I can go help my mom in a couple of weeks without worrying that I'm leaving the End of Days to some poor soul who's offered to feed the cats.

I pick him up tonight and take him home and keep torturing him with meds to try and stop him from skinning himself alive and we go on from there.

I feel like I should buy some sort of present for Anna, something to make up for all the money not being spent on her. I think the last time she went to the vet was for her last shots as a kitten. She remains happy and healthy, and seems to be getting smarter which I didn't think was likely or possible. All she asks is to sit on the keyboard while I type and to lick my hair while I sleep.


  1. This is good kittynews. Have you looked into that pet insurance? It may work out for your benefit. I have a ridiculous amount of catnip from my garden...maybe I can just shove it all in an envelope and send it to your kitty cats.

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I wonder, does kittyinsurance have a preexisting condition clause?

    Glad to hear the good news. Now we just have to figure out a way for him to help earn his keep -- modeling? Probably out. Perhaps he could carry messages? No, he's an indoor cat, right?

    Pet telemarketing?
    Stuffing envelopes?
    Spinning his hair into yarn? Only if it's long enough.

    Good luck and give him a congratulatory scratch under the chin from me.

  3. Sounds like good news to me. Yes, it's crazy how they do kitty blood pressure checks!

    Bobby has pet insurance through VPI. I think ASPCA now offers pet insurance. You might want to check with either of them, but do check on the pre-existing condition clause.