Thursday, June 07, 2007

Huffing & Puffing It's So Hot in Here

I've been watching the 1st season of Huff. Frankly it didn't grab me right off but, you know me, I can't leave a season unfinished so I stuck with it. I'm getting into it now, and mostly because of all these Hot People, who happen also to be super talented.

T.J. Tynes was a guest star but I like him so much on Bones that I included him.

Did I run the gamut of age and gender? Sorry about the ethnicity factor but it's a pretty lily white show.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I recognize a couple of people from this post, but I'm having a bit of a brain cramp; is the second guy the same one who played Amy's married brother on Judging Amy? He looks just enough like the guy in the picture to get me wondering...

  2. No, different guy. I'm surprised you don't watch Bones, you might like it. The Judging Amy guy is Marcus Giamatti who is, btw, distantly related to me. He's taller than this dude with just the tiniest difference in manner.

  3. but I'm not crazy in thinking that they look a bit like, no?

  4. Well...they do both have very curly hair. Google a picture of Marcus Giamatti and they're less alike than you might think.

  5. Tom has been a long time favorite of mine.
    Thanks for including the old folks!