Sunday, June 24, 2007

Old Business

Accolades for this gentleman are long overdue. He's the guy that saved the Wedding Day for Dad and P in April.

The entire complement of wedding participants and guests fit into 2 cars and we arrived at City Hall in plenty of time. This gentleman (so sorry that I didn't remember his name, Mike maybe, just not sure, at least Pony Express made sure to take a picture of him with his secret weapon) was painting some offices that day, since the building was closed, and responded to the repeated ringings of the doorbell. He then proceeded to let us in out of the cold and use the last drips of his cell phone battery to determine that his friend, Mary, (I remember her name, she gets no accolades) had forgotten she had a wedding to perform that day. In her defense (yeah, I'm so not in the mood to defend her, but I'm gonna because it's the nice thing to do and I'm trying to be nice) City Hall is closed on Saturdays and she'd made a special arrangement to do this wedding and no one had called to confirm with her. However, Save the Day Guy was honest with us and said he wasn't exactly surprised and this wasn't the first time this kind of thing had happened with his friend Mary. Finally he got through to Mary (Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary) and the bride arranged for Mary to come to the apartment and perform the ceremony there...6 hours later.

Thank you Save the Day Guy, without you it would have been an even weirder day.

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