Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Status Report

Warning: HUGE levels of boring ahead.

OK, I have done almost everything on Tuesday's list. Can you guess which one I didn't manage yet? You get 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count. I'm trying to think of it like Chrome does, not like a To Do list but like promises to myself (I love that image) but it isn't quite working for me yet, not quite. Maybe tomorrow, there's always time.

Pony Express came over and packed for me. She's great at that. Given that last time I traveled I forgot all the shirts, she was kind enough to point out that my list didn't include any pants this time around.

No problem, I packed pants.

I'm halfway ready for this.

I've got goals. They involve not screaming. As much as my parents enjoy doing the yelling they can't abide anyone else doing it. So I'll try not to, not because I'm feeling particularly obedient but more because they can't hear me. It ain't fair but it's the way things are so I'm trying to roll with it. (No, you're not imagining it that is a bitter taste I just left in your mouth.)

Anyway, other goals to be listed later because I want to get to bed. I'm tired and I want to be ready and raring to go tomorrow.

I'm leaving the office (and by extension internet access...oh! except if I have time in the JetBlue terminal) around 1:30 tomorrow, flight takes off at 4:15, JetBlue out of JFK, if it goes down please watch the CNN crawl for my name.

Internet/computer access is uncertain. I know that there have been upgrades in the Bee household but there's also construction so it's unclear what the options are. There are 2 local WiFi places but Mr. Chili (cue group bow) is replacing the ailing keyboard on this here laptop and WiFi isn't so easy to use when you're just slamming your fingers against the gingham tablecloth.

Now do you see why I made a post last night with a gajillion links in it? I want to keep you coming back even if I can't.

Don't you forget about me....

or something.

Back in NYC on the 22nd.

Keep me in your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    hay liz,
    i am going to be home this weekend too. we are going to vermont on friday to the rand family plot in vermont and place my mom's remains ( i don't know even how to phrase it at this point it's so much later) there. i will be home in nh this weekend most likely calling out of work on monday. if you need a stiff drink in the middle of the afternoon, call my cell and if i'm in the area i'm there.

  2. Yeah, looks like you'll have some company in hell errrr n.h. Steady girl, this is a task that you can accomplish. Duck and roll baby. and sans internet, you can always send out an alert on the ole cell phone! Love love love and muy strength coming your way. (I'd take Steph up on that stiff drink in the middle of the day offer. That will make things go MUCH smoother!!)

  3. show goes up the day you return to NYC. Send me some broken leg wishes as you return!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Please. It's highly possible that Mr. Chili can replace the keyboard in, like, ten minutes. It really does seem like a matter of popping your old one out, plugging in a scary-looking bit of plastic and wires, and popping the new one back in. If I can get him to come home for lunch tomorrow, you may be able to LEAVE with the thing. I'll see what I can do for you...

    I'm SO looking forward to seeing you! (Oh, and I'm right there with Steph. I'm TOTALLY on "stiff drink" alert; you've got my numbers...)

  5. Sounds like the trip may have been a little better pantless.
    You should trust your gut on things like that.