Tuesday, July 31, 2007

10 Things I Probably Want the Answer to

They say you should never ask advice from the internet unless you're prepared for people to get judgy. Let's see if I'm prepared.

1. What's a good way to carry around a small amount of cornstarch powder? In heat like this there are, er, chafing issues that the powder is good for but it's really not discreet to be lugging a full sized bottle of the stuff to and from the bathroom down the hall at work.

2. What do you really think my goal weight should be?

3. I'm feeling as though the safest, healthiest action going forward is to replace canned wet dog food with the locally home made extremely expensive dog food. It's $11 for a container that covers about 6 meals (3 days). The company (1 woman) also makes treats. I bought 6 small ones for $3.79 (including tax) today because the dog, used to a minimum of 4 treats a day, has had 1 in the past week and I felt like a big meanie. Is this a crazy notion? Should I just chalk this illness up to a bad batch of food or find a better canned food that's cheaper? Am I overreacting?

4. What new sort of exercise should I add to my regimen?

5. For the first time ever, on my recent trip to New England, I had joint pressure and pain during the plane's descent. Any idea what that's about?

6. So, if, hypothetically, I were to decide to be more proactive about dating how would I go about that?

7. Have I really never told you guys that I'm a musical person? Both of my parents were music educators in the public school system when I was a kid. They bought me a quarter size violin when I was about 3, I had lessons with the Suzuki method. It didn't really take. I took piano lessons from pretty much my first memory up through high school and I was pretty good. Too bad I never practiced. I learned the clarinet in 4th grade and played that until I was headed into 9th grade. Took up the trombone and singing lessons in 9th grade. The trombone was to have a harder hitting instrument in the marching band, sort of making myself a big fish in a little pond since I wasn't exactly a clarinet virtuoso. The singing was a ploy to get out of piano lessons and it backfired. My lesson just got bumped up to 90 minutes and split between the 2 disciplines. Of all those things I'm probably best at singing. I'm a terrible sight reader but if you give me a pitch and make me sight read a whole song I will more than likely end on the right note, but I'll get all the ones in between wrong. I still sing (more on that soon) but I could really use some brushing up on my music theory and my technique, also my piano playing since I recently got a piano.

8. If I were to throw a party where there was Christmas caroling, would you come? Would you sing?

9. What should I wear on the red carpet? I'm thinking maybe something like that yellow number that Patricia Clarkson wore once (sorry, can't find a pic, Steph knows the one I'm talking about) but in a blue. The thing is, I really don't have a great concept of what looks good on me so suggestions are appreciated.

10. Anyone want to come to my house for poker night?


  1. 1. Don't you have a lot of film canisters? Whatever you pick, it's still going to look like you're running to the bathroom to do coke. I wear biker shorts.
    4. I like Pilates.
    6. I have friends that have had success on the internet sights, match and jdate specifically, but I refuse to do them. That's not my story. I don't know. I wish I did. I, too, would like a date.
    8. Ah, hell. I don't know. Maybe.
    10.Can I bring a date? Oh, wait...see #6.

  2. 1. Good question! Film cannisters sound good. Salt shaker?
    2. I'm in favor of ditching the numbers and going for feeling good and being proud of what your body can do. So far as I can see, you've got lots to feel good about and be proud of right now. But I realize this isn't what you asked...
    4. I like reps with hand weights while playing Donna Summer really loud. But that's just me.
    6. Same problem here. I'm thinking of offering to travel anywhere for a good date. But you're in NYC so you'd think 10 million people would give you enough choice. Nothing wrong with internet dating, or more time-tested methods like community/activist groups, gyms, or begging friends. But you know that. They say the key is to push the pride to the side and to start seeing every new acquaintance as a person who might introduce you to someone datable, and accepting the risk that you might end up spending some uncomfortable moments/wasting time with a few datable people who are nevertheless not right for you. Blah, blah, blah. As if you couldn't tell, I'm proud, cynical, and hate wasting time, so haven't dated in a while. Take it for what it's worth.
    8. Sure. Even on key (mostly).
    9. Your idea sounds great--can't go wrong with blue. A friend of mine recently took another friend who dresses very differently from her shopping at Nordstrom. They called ahead and had the store's "personal shopper" pick out stuff, and she tried on everything both the shopper and the friend suggested. Great results. Then they went out for a great lunch. You can always post pix here if you're undecided.
    10. Alas, I'm in Seattle right now. But wait--I can't play poker anyway. ;-).

  3. It sucks that I have nothing left to give. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be witty and fun.
    Today, wiped smooth out.

    Dying to respond to this and the wearing to red carpet.
    So busy at work, can't dance, can't sing, can't do my Tuesday blog...
    Late again.

  4. 10 answers you may (or may not) really want

    1. Try a trial-sized container for baby powder. Check to be sure the lid comes off (most do) and refill it with whatever you want. Small and discreet.
    2. Set your goal at 5 lbs less than you think you can really manage (it gives you a bit of a buffer).
    3. I’m conflicted as well. When Fergie was sick, I promised the Universe that I would feed her whatever she wanted if I could only bring her home. These deals rarely work out really well, but we’ve found a balance. Really expensive prescription food and lots of yummy treats. It’s still cheaper than buying someone else’s homemade, but not as cheap as making my own homemade. Hey, I’m lucky I can feed my family homemade food, let alone my cat!
    4. Weight-bearing exercise. It’s what all the 35+yo women are doing (and should be). Keep those bones strong and healthy. And every pound of muscle burns…..well, extra calories (I can’t remember exactly how many).
    5. Possibly a fluke? I’d keep an eye on it, and not worry if it only happens this one time.
    6. Not my forte really. Sucked at it when I was single. A couple of friends have had some varying degrees of luck with on-line matchmaking services, but other friends have given up the entire process as more trouble than its worth. Of course, that is often when you relax and things can open up.
    7. I have always admired your intrinsic musicality. It has been a part of you as long as I have known you.
    8. In a heartbeat. But don’t expect much. The best singing I do is when I imitate Ethel Mermen and the occasional gospel singer. I try to keep it under wraps most of the time though.
    9. Check this out http://www.anniemodesitt.com/patterns/rcc.html. This woman is a very skilled knitting designer and she designed the Red Carpet Convertible for a friend who was going to the Emmy Awards. See the photograph on the right side of the page. This dress is spectacular. Best brush up on your knit and pearl.
    10. As long as I have 2 months notice and can find a sitter.

  5. 1. Trial size. Yes, that works.
    2. More important what do you think your goal weight should be? Be careful. Watch for signs of BDD.
    3. I feed the lads Canidae. It’s a Vegan dog food. It is expensive too. But since your mentioned digestive problems you might want to check it out. My dogs love it.
    4. A bike?
    5. They are making those planes so cheaply lately. It probably was not you.
    6. I have no clue Sis. I think you are doing what you should be doing by just taking steps to improve yourself.
    7. I love the piano. I have a classmate who is 54 and he is taking lessons. Its never too late.
    8. No.
    9. With your skin tone I think butter yellow would be perfection. It’s like bread and butter. Really beautiful. I wish I was creamy instead of olive drab. But a Fairy Godmother I am not.
    10. I would love to.

  6. Anonymous11:28 AM

    1. Cornstarch. Get one of the water-bladder-backpacks and wear it everywhere, but fill up the bladder with the cornstarch (or baby powder). I wear long-legged underwear to avoid chafing--my favorite are these blue meshy sort of things from Ex Officio.

    2. Weight. Make your weight goal whatever you weigh now. You win.

    3. Dog Food. Make it easy on yourself, get rid of the dog.

    4. Exercise. Get some light dumbbells, I use 10 pounders for this, but fives might even do. If you are not used to arm workouts, use 2 and a half. Stand with your fee about shoulder width apart, in good balance. Act like you are running, with lots of arm swing, but, of course, don't move your feet (and, I hope it goes without saying, don't lock your knees). Your arms, of course, go in opposite directions. Your front arm should, at the highest, be in a curl position, your rear arm should end up pretty much horizontal. Tense your bicep at the top of the front arm movement, your tricep at the top of the rear arm movement. Work your way up to lots and lots of these. Don't increase weight any time soon, only reps. Lots of reps. Start with sets of 10 or so, work up to sets of fifty. If you rotate your palms towards your face at the top of the curls, you'll tense your biceps nicely, at the top of the backstrokes, rotate your hand towards palm up. I call these "runners."

    5. Airplane pain. Stay off of airplanes, I do.

    6. Dating. Maybe consider shooting yourself instead. Actually, of all the wonderful things in my life, not dating is high on the list.

    7. Music. I love music. My guitar, at times in my life, and the music I made with it (often just aimless, but very musical, noodling) were my best and only friends.

    8. Caroling. Probably not.

    9. Red carpet. What? Clothes mean nothing to me.

    10. Poker. I am not charmed by poker or, for that matter, any card or table games.