Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Craggy and cranky, the perfect combination

Sheila: That's a nice greeting. Where'd you go to Charm School?

Tommy: The Russell Crowe Academy. What do you want?


  1. Did you hear that your boy was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Tommy?

    I've got a former student, who I see in the halls, who's a huge RM fan, and we talk about it whenever we pass each other. We got along well in class when he was my student...

  2. When can I enroll? Can I get um, aid?
    The line for Bad Boy lovers starts behind me!

  3. Is it just me, or is Tommy Gavin softening up a little this season? I think the writers are handling his issues with aging really well (the way he deals with his rebellious daughter, the hockey slump, the moisturizer)

  4. Love him. But I am sorry to say that I never catch the show. I'll have to fix that.