Friday, July 27, 2007


I turned the last page 5 minutes ago. If you want to discuss e-mail me so we don't run the risk of spoiling anything for anyone.

Here's the cash count for today:

Dance class: $15.50
Groceries: $38.77
Ticket to a friend's show: $18
Dinner out: $25

Total: $87.27 (It's hard not to have your heart beat a little faster when you read these outrageous totals.)


  1. You know what? None of those seems outrageous to me. I spend WAY more than that every time I go to the grocery store - even when I'm "just" running in to get milk. It's not hard to hit the $25 mark when eating out. The 16 bucks for the single dance class makes me pause a little, but the show ticket doesn't.

    It's the adding them all together that makes you feel like you're hemorrhaging money, right?

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    $25 dinner out? I guess you must have been alone!