Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Shoulda Bought a Lottery Ticket

It's just been a win, win, winneroo today.

I've been sleeping weirdly lately so that I'm exhausted when the alarm gets up and through most of the day but am not exhausted when I get home from work so keep working until I go to bed late and am tired when the alarm goes off. Hopefully some professional level napping this weekend will solve this.

All of this conspires to make for a very low motivation level while leaving the guiltometer at all time highs for craft and career concerns. It's hard to justify being jealous of other people when you're sitting on your fat ass waiting for opportunity to knock, pick the lock, walk in and sandblast you off your damn couch.

Today, though? Today? Roses!

A little thing but extremely important was that my boss didn't come in to the office. I thought he was going to. I actually thought he needed to but he didn't and he didn't and it was perfect. I got some work done, I surfed some, I e-mailed some and I took a full lunch hour.

ProfDoc made me a quiz. I was disappointed that she and I both got the Olsen twins on the sisters quiz yesterday because I wanted to know what the other choices were. She made me a quiz where the choices include Allison Janney and Lauren Graham and Michelle Williamson among others. Allison Janney is my sister. Love her!

I hadn't heard from the camera people so I called just to check in and my beloved Nikkormat has been exfoliated and wrapped in seaweed and oiled and licked all over and is ready for me to pick up tomorrow. They were so thorough that when they had to leave a message for me someone else called back to make sure I knew. I can't wait to get it back and take some more pictures. Depth of field, I love you! Must buy film. Must figure out what sort of film to buy.

Yesterday I was also e-mailing with ProfDoc. My 20th High School reunion is next weekend and I've been having little, easily quashed anxieties about it. More on that later. For today it's all about the garments. I wasn't sure that a new outfit could be justified after the money I'm spending to get there and to attend. Quite rightly ProfDoc said, and I'm paraphrasing, "What, are you out of your little pea picking brain? Perhaps this diet is making you loopy. Why would you spend all that money to go and not make an effort to look and feel fabulous while you're there? Have a brownie and get your shit together you point counting wackjob!" So I did.

I went to Dress Barn yesterday and I found some stuff I liked but nothing I loved. Today I went to Ann Taylor with zero expectation of finding something that worked. I tried on 5 things, mostly out of curiosity. One thing worked. The thing I took a total long shot on. I got it in a size that shouldn't work, in a style I was suspicious of and a color that is impossible. It's the best freaking cream colored linen a-line size 8 skirt I've ever seen. Oh, and did I mention I got it for $39.99? Yeah, I did.

Then I got a Tasti-D, 'cause I love ice cream and I've been undereating my points this week because I just can't seem to get it all to work and I deserved it. I took the longer walk both for activity points and because the boys at the farther away store dip some sprinkles into the dish, then add ice cream then top it with sprinkles. That's the way it ought to be.

When I got back to the office I finally knuckled down and made the 2 scary calls I have been putting off. Chrome's voice has been in my head reminding me that she doesn't make "to do lists" she makes "promises to myself". I have been sucking donkey balls at keeping promises to myself. So I made both of my calls about my Shakespeare show. The chick at the educational theatre place wasn't there so I left a message that was a little circuitous but I think gave her enough of a hook to want to call me. I had a lovely talk with the woman who runs the 60+ program and we're working on getting me in there. We need to find some ways to expand my program to 50 minutes or so, maybe billing it as a class or something but I think that's doable. Tomorrow I send her a copy of the DVD and in a week or so we talk again. Whew!

After I finished that I noticed I had an e-mail from Kath. She wanted to know if I wanted to eat because she wanted to cook. What is she kidding me? Yeah, I'm great with that.

On the way home there was the whole crazy covert downtown police action and the ridiculous, near-physical scuffle right in front of me on the train but we're not going to talk about that today. Today is all about the winning.

I came home, got my act together, walked the pooch over to K&A's, had a delicious dinner with delectable company (she added grilled pineapple to the menu, grilled pineapple is the Lord's food, I'm telling you) and got walked home by Alex and Bobby.

All in all a very good day. Pretty much entirely in the win column. I should go to bed right now and savor the good. Tomorrow I'll hit dance class, look for a top to go with my awesomely lovely skirt (suggestions?), pick up my camera (pick up film), sit in a cafe and write, mail or drop off that DVD, get my hair cut and colored by my beloved hair woman (more reunion prep), maybe do some laundry when I get home and call Michelle after the rates go down.

I feel good. I feel less in need of sandblasting. Don't want to rest on my spindly little laurels just now, though, but I feel ready to keep on in this victorious vein.


  1. How WONDERFUL! I'm happy to hear good from you; you deserve so much more than you regularly get...

  2. Very glad to hear you had a great day.
    I love that you found a great skirt and that it is a size 8!
    Ice cream. Its my favorite too.

    High school reunuions... ugh. Its sad that you have to go. But I think you really have too. My Dear Dad said "The Ten Year, no One changed. But Wow! The 20 everyone was different."

    Coming from a man who is built like a brick shit house. My friends all thought my Dad was a DILF.

    Go,enjoy, remember you hated them. Remember all the crazy, wierd things.... and then come blog it out sister so we can laugh our candy asses off!