Monday, July 16, 2007

Looks like we made it...

Go on, sing along with the title, you know you want to. I certainly am.

It's weigh-in day and, in case you hadn't guessed already, I made it to that first goal I set way back about 4 months ago. I weighed in this morning at 137.5, half a pound under the goal. Can I also point out that I did this without ever once going running or doing an aerobics videotape? Both are great things for other people I just hate them with a passion.

Well, now what?

I'm looking for some (gently worded) opinions.

I started this with the idea of hitting my goal within three months and then seeing how I felt about the program. Fourish months in I still kind of hate doing the program but I can live with it. The range of BMI for my height puts my preferred weight between 117 & 140. So, I could just stop here, call it a day, switch to maintenance and be done with it all. On the other hand even where I'm at now doesn't feel like it's the best that I can do, I think I can lose a little more weight and feel a little better. I will also need to tone up the joint some to make whatever weight I end at feel right. I might even have to go running or do aerobics (shudder).

Reasons for losing some more weight include feeling better, being healthier, and not having to figure out how to switch to the maintenance plan.

Reasons for leaving it here are hating the weight loss plan, looking good enough and not wanting to have to go out and buy more clothes. I freaking hate shopping for clothes and I've bought a lot of clothes since April and most of them already don't fit again and it's tiresome and aggravating. ( I know, high class problems, but I'm just trying to be honest.)

So, the choices as I see them are:

- Stop here, go on the maintenance plan and live a life that occasionally includes ice cream
- Re-set a goal of 125
- Re-set a goal of 125 with the caveat that as soon as I hit any weight with a 2 as the second digit I can stop and feel good about it
- Re-set a goal of some different weight
- Contact Colin Farrell and have him decide since he seems to be an expert on what's fucka...I mean, attractive in women

What do you think?


  1. I'm not sure MY opinion has any value here - I couldn't make it through the three month trial.

    The first option sounds good; I think a life that occasionally includes ice cream is the only life worth living. In the end, though, it's only YOU who gets to decide. Which option feels best to you?

  2. I'm not going to say what I think until I hear a few more opinions. I will say what I think, though, promise.

    There WILL be a life with occasional ice cream. It's just whether it'll be right this minute or 12ish pounds from now.

  3. CONGRATS HONEY!!! First, and foremost, revel in your success. It is well deserved.
    Now, the fact that you're not jumping up and down and feeling 100 percent complete where you are, and are even considering moving forward on the program leads me to believe that there is a niggling little voice in the back of your head that says, "keep going. we're not finished here."

    But maybe that voice is never there...I don't know. If you hate it, really, truly, fundamentally hate it, then be done and go to maint. Life is too short to have that kind of ugly feeling everyday, ya know? But if you don't, give yourself some wiggle room on the scale. New clothes...honey if that is the biggest problem going on in your world then you are one lucky skinny bitch!! hahaha!! I think you know what you want to do...don't put too much credit in these responses. Your's is the only one that counts! We love you no matter what size you're in!

  4. I say get to a weight where if you gain 5 pounds it's no biggie. Only you know what your "natural" weight feels like.

    How in the world were you able to lose all this weight without exercising? Was it just a lot of dog walking?

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Wow! You never cease amazing and inspiring me.

    Not being able to remember what 13x feels like myself, I doubt seriously I'm qualified to give an opinion but it seems to me that since the plan is something you hate being on, and you're feeling fearful of making the transition to something else, you're not in a long-term sustainable position. Would it be possible to continue what you're used to for now during the week and give yourself guilt-free weekends where you focus on figuring out what healthy "maintenance" eating would feel like? And maybe you can show off your amazing body back in floor barre class or something as a reward for work well done? Being active AND social at once has kept me motivated in the past.
    Take it for what it's worth...

  6. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Here by way of Mrs. Chili...funny you asked this question...being that I am on WW and all...and not even close to my goal weight...which I am thinking of changing because it just seems soooooo far away ;)...I wonder what I will do when I get to this point (the power of positive thinking)...I hope that I would continue to lose about 10 pounds over what I need to...but then again...I really love pizza...I mean a WHOLE pizza not just two guess I can't rightly say. Good luck...I hope I am there some day ;)

  7. Danielle, I too love the pizza. I had a delicious ham slathered slice about 10 days ago at a christening-ish sort of gathering. I've never loved that kid as much as I did when he gave me an excuse to have pizza again.

    Good luck with your WW plan. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

  8. Anonymous1:49 PM

    First of all, you look great! And any goal accomplished is an accomplishment worth celebrating!!
    I would say that you should keep going - you don't sound satisfied with where you are, you'll be healthier, and, if you lose more weight, then you can be a bit more flexible with the plan on occasion, because if you temporarily gain a bit back it won't mean you weigh more than your original goal, so you won't have to feel bad about it.

    I hear you about the clothes-buying. Only one pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans fits me, and that's only because it was too big for me before the pregnancy. I had to buy 3 pairs of pants before I went back to work (I couldn't very well go to work in my pyjamas! We're laid back, but not that laid back!) but my uterus was still shrinking, so now the new pants I purchased are all too big for me. But I don't want to buy more, because I still want to lose 10 more pounds, because I still feel like I look pregnant. But I don't have any time or energy to exercise, other than walking to work, now that I am back at work full time. And did I mention that sugar is a major food group? Little Seal is going to have one major sweet tooth after drinking all my sugar laden milk. And I don't know how I'm going to go back to my low fat diet after having the excuse to eat the fat now, because Little Seal needs more fat that I was consuming...

    I'm glad Little Seal gave you an excuse to eat pizza. That's just one of the MANY ways he is superbly wonderful! :-) I especially like it when he giggles for no apparent reason!